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This is not a McDream, but for most of McDonald's diners, it's certainly a McLongshot.

McDonald's is giving away free food "for life" in a competition aimed at increasing the popularity of its online ordering system.

The winner will receive what the company calls its new card McGold, good for two free meals a week for 50 years. The prize is priced at $ 52.350, according to the contest website. The promotion will start on Friday and will last until 24 August.

However, if you love Big Macs, the prospect of being able to broadcast 5,200 over the next fifty years may seem tempting.

Although it intended to arouse attention, promotion could actually be a McCoup marketing for Gold Bows.

"This will cost him less than a corporate Christmas party," said Rob Frankel, a Los Angeles-based branding strategy expert. "I do not think it will do anything to encourage the use of the app. You have much more chances to win a state lottery than to collect something like that."

McDonald & # 39; s did not release the odds of winning, stating in the rules of the competition that "will be determined by the number of valid entries."

There will be only one winner, which makes the McDonald's appearance "incredibly cheap and delicate," Frankel said

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McDonald's is not the first to manage a free food promotion for life.

The competition is similar to that of the Starbucks coffee chain, which was called Starbucks for Life, but not as generous.

For the fourth annual coffee giant lottery, which ended in January, five US winners won the first prize, worth $ 56.575 each, entitling them to a free drink or food item of their choice once a day for 30 years.

Taco Bell distributed a lifetime of food in his "Eleven Everlasting Dollars" in 2014. The odds of winning were around 1 in 2.4 billion, but 11 won the prize worth $ 10,000 each.

To enter the McDonald's McGold Card contest, enter a mobile order on the McDonald app. E-mails will also be accepted and do not require a purchase.

In addition to the right to free food and bragging, the winner also receives a personalized gold-plated case.

The fast-food giant launched its mobile app in 2015, then added the mobile order and payment capabilities last year. Mobile Order & Pay is available at nearly 14,000 locations in the United States.

How to enter

  • Download the app for smartphone McDonald & # 39; s
  • Place an order with the app.
  • Pay with a major credit card, which won "be charged until check-in.
  • Collect your order, check-in at participating restaurants and choose to collect your order from Inside the restaurant, on the drive-thru or in special prohibition points.
  • Alternative placement: McDonald's is also taking the receipts without purchases. with only the date (mm / dd / yy) you are sending the email in the subject line and your first / last name in the email body. Limit one (1) Entry per day (regardless of method). "
  • More information about the competition at

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