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“Mean Girls” Reunion encourages the vote, anticipates the musical

A month before election day, Tina Fey, Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried and the cast of “Mean Girls” have released a surprise reunion video that encourages fans to vote.

The virtual reunion, moderated by Katie Couric and posted on Instagram, also teased the film adaptation of the Broadway musical “Mean Girls” and shared the memories of cast members from the 2004 film.

The original cast talked about their experiences playing the iconic characters from the film. When asked to play “dumb blonde” Karen Smith, Seyfried said she was thrilled because Karen was similar to how she acted in high school to avoid drama.

Lacey Chabert shared that she immediately fell in love with Gretchen Wieners while reading the script. “I just thought she was so intensely insecure and so desperate for someone̵

7;s approval. That’s what made her vulnerable. That was the part that made her nice and kept her from just being mean.”

When offered the part of Cady Heron, Lohan was initially drawn to the role of Regina George. But when she reread the script, she fell in love with Cady’s trapeze of emotion that resonated with her experience at the time. “I mean, during the filming process for me, between the movie I did before and ‘Mean Girls’, I was back in school and it was a really weird transition for me. I was kind of an outcast, so I really bonded. to this when I had to play Cady, “he said.

Released in 2004, “Mean Girls” remains a classic teen film with a cult following. Memorable lines include “Wednesday, we dress in pink” and “Stop trying to make” recovery “happen are still relevant in today’s cultural lexicon. The script was later adapted into a Broadway musical in 2017 and the musical it was made into a movie version.

Fey, the writer behind the original film, shared that fans can get involved in casting actors for the new adaptation by sharing their dream cast on the project’s website. Fans also have the opportunity to see their names featured in “The Burnt Book”, a diary of gossip and rumors created by Regina George.

In closing, Chabert encouraged fans to vote the “Mean Girls” fashion: “Vote on November 3rd. That would be so cute. “

Watch the meeting below.


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