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Meghan Markle, Prince Harry should “stay out of US politics”: expert couple

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are no strangers to controversy as they often face criticism with almost everything they do or say.

As disgruntled Brits continue to attack them, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have now been asked to steer clear of US politics and not interfere in the country’s internal affairs, being former members of the British royal family.

Royal commentators Lizzie Robinson and Chris Ship from Royal Rota spoke about their recent remarks on the upcoming US presidential election.

“In a way, we know where Meghan is, but the problem is Harry. Meghan and Harry have promised that when they leave the royal family they will stand up for the queen̵

7;s values,” Ship said.

“One of the queen’s values ​​is to be impartial. It’s a kind of election that will be very bitter and very tense,” he added.

“Maybe the advice to Harry and Meghan could have been or it could be is to stay completely out of it,” he went on to say.

Robinson also stepped in as she defended the Duchess, saying, “Well, whatever Harry and Meghan say or do right now gets in the papers. People are pouring out about what they’re doing, whether it’s them saying they want to. leave the Royal “. Family and private life yet here they are or their comments on the US elections. “

“Everything they do or say is scrutinized. I think in terms of what is controversial, their comments on the US elections have recently been considered controversial,” he said.

“Meghan has been portrayed for many quarters as showing support for Joe Biden and the upcoming election,” he added.

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