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Microsoft Surface Duo Teardown: An engineering marvel that’s a chore to repair

I don’t think anyone expected an incredibly slim dual-display gadget to be more repairable than single-screen and iFixit smartphones. “S. the teardown of Microsoft’s new Surface Duo confirms that this is so. The point is that while the displays and rear glass can be replaced without mashed potato a lot of stress, replacing anything else will be a tedious and risky process.

As part of the teardown process, iFixit got this amazing X-ray of the Surface Duo. The inside of the left half looks pretty close to an iPad or any modern tablet, but iFixit says the right side “looks nothing like anything we remember seeing before ̵

1; it’s almost a solid circuit board wall, with a small window in the half for the second battery. ”There’s that engineering know-how from the Surface team.

Image: iFixit

But getting into it is a chore. Like most other phone makers, Microsoft has used a ton of adhesive to seal the Surface Duo, and iFixit warns that there are a number of fragile cables and connectors that could be damaged if not done right. Even then, there are no guarantees.

Replacing the dual battery system requires almost complete disassembly of the entire device. As our review says, Surface Duo’s battery life isn’t an out-of-the-box issue. But after a year of intense multitasking use, your $ 1,400 productivity machine may not have the same strength. Microsoft offers its “Microsoft Complete” extended warranty for Duo, which might not be a bad idea considering the risk factor of trying to fix it yourself.

Disassembly of iFixit reveals that the two OLED screens are manufactured by LG Display. You will also get a close look at the “simple” hinge mechanism which is one of the most impressive aspects of Microsoft’s latest hardware.

Image: iFixit

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