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Microsoft’s new Xbox dashboard will launch this week

The October update for Xbox will arrive this week, bringing with it a taste of the next generation. Microsoft has announced that a new dashboard design will roll out to Xbox consoles as part of the latest update and will also run on Xbox Series X and Series S when they launch next month.

This new UX was first shown in August. Microsoft says the home screen loads 50% faster on startup and 30% faster when exiting a game, with 40% less memory required on the X Series. It is unclear whether console owners Older ones like the One S should expect performance improvements, though.

The layout isn̵

7;t much different, but changes have been made to things like the Guide and Game Library, and visually it’s now a closer match for other Xbox products like the Xbox app for Windows. Now you can customize your profile with themes too, and Microsoft has remixed the layout for new users to highlight features like Game Pass and the store.

The update isn’t huge, but Microsoft’s last major overhaul was just last February. Microsoft has a penchant for radically redesigning its Xbox UI multiple times each generation, so who knows how long the Xbox Series X dashboard will end up looking like this. For now, though, you can get a head start on its interface by updating your old console.

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