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Mike Schur honors Regis Philbin with Twitter discussion – Deadline

Almost a week after Regis Philbin’s death, the son-in-law and The good place creator Mike Schur commemorated the legendary TV host in an exciting Twitter thread.

Schur, married to Philbin J.J. Philbin shared on Friday that he had difficulty expressing the impact of the beloved Who wants to Be a Millionaire the host career he had in the entertainment world.

“It’s too big. You can’t wrap your arms around it. It literally holds the Guinness Book of Records for most hours on TV,” tweeted the Emmy-winning TV producer and writer.

“For decades, Regis has always been there, on TV, chatting, complaining and making people laugh. He needed no explanation, ”Schur continued. He said that articulating the length and meaning of Philbin̵

7;s career was difficult. But the memorabilia and old documents found in the late Hollywood star’s office do the job, the producer said.

The Parks and Fun the co-creator tweeted photos of four typewriter documents, memorabilia taken from the first time Philbin talked about sports for TV in 1956. The yellowed newspapers reminded of an NFL game in which Cleveland Brown beat College All- Stars 26-0. The decades-old documents also included the deceased guest’s commentary and gracious remarks.

“Do you want to see a career that nobody can ever duplicate? Here it is. A guy who was on TV when Harvey Haddix hit Duke Snider and also handed out million dollar checks on a futuristic game set, “said Schur about Philbin’s memorabilia.” A guy who reported on both Lou Groza that about Eli Manning, Yogi Berra and Gary Sanchez. “

Schur finished the line by saying that his father-in-law “hated the” memory lane “” and hoped that the TV host would forgive him “for this last last trip”, noting that nobody would even approach Philbin.

“Nobody will ever be what he was, in the middle of which he dedicated his life. What a ride, ”tweeted Schur.

Philbin died of natural causes on July 25th. He was 88 years old.

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