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Miles Morales leads the “Ultimate Spider-Man” series following the live action “Towards the Spider”

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse presented for the first time to the critics and adulation of the public, it received the 2019 Oscar for best animated film. While Spidey’s multiple incarnations have enchanted all fans, many now occupy a special place in their hearts for Miles Morales. Following the success of the spider-verse film, it seems that the Marvel Cinematic Universe intends to bring the character into his live panorama. Recent internal reports suggest the attack plan.

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A live-action Miles Morales may be coming soon

Mikey Sutton of Geekosity: All Things Pop Culture recently went on the Internet – with more YouTube outlets reporting his scoop – to explain plans for Morales.

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According to Marvel and DC Insider, both Miles Morales and Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire edition) will appear in a live-action spider-verse films, however Tobey Maguire will primarily have a transition purpose. Sutton explained:

In a successful scoop of months ago, I revealed that the current plans were to bring Tobey Maguire back for one last swing as the extraordinary arachnid for a live-action interpretation of Into the Spider-Verse that would find him teamed up with Tom Holland and Andrew Garfield. However, it would not have a happy ending because they would like Maguire – and most likely under the supervision of the original Spider-Man director Sam Raimi – to die heroically in the Endgame. This would inspire Miles Morales to become Spidey in that universe.

Geekosity: all the things of pop culture

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Sutton explains that Miles Morales will exist in the same universe as Sam Raimi’s initial character Spidey, which would coincide with the fact that Raimi is destined to direct Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Who better to establish a connection with Raimi’s previous successful success than Raimi himself?

Gwen Stacy and Miles Morales will be a couple in this universe of Spidey

Instead of imitating Tobey’s previous plot or skating boringly near the Tom Holland-led franchise, the Miles Morales Spider-man saga will follow a new trajectory. Mikey Sutton explains that his franchise will be called The Ultimate Spider-Man and take place years after spider-verse movie. Morales will be a young savior, learning to save the day, while Gwen Stacy steals his heart. Sutton explained:

Morales will be paired with Spider-Gwen in a contemporary twist in the original arc of Silver Age history. As with Morales, Spider-Gwen already exists; there is no long history of origin. Sony will release this film but apparently Kevin Feige is seriously interested in producing it himself, another extension of Disney’s relationship with that company.

Geekosity: all the things of pop culture

Sutton concludes that Morales will not be chosen to replace Tom Holland’s Spidey; rather, it will exist in a different universe, fighting crime in a different timeline. The two will exist side by side, providing fans with comic trajectories that otherwise could not be performed simultaneously.

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