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MODOK Movies: Hulu makes Marvel via Robot Chicken

The bad guys are in vogue. In the wake of HBO Max’s Harley Quinnand following a path traced by the late Adult Swim series The Venture Bros., Hulu’s new comedy MODOK imagine the trials and tribulations of being a mobile organism designed only to kill. Thankfully, the story exists completely outside the Marvel Cinematic Universe, in a world where writer-actor Patton Oswalt can go in all sorts of crazy directions.

At 2020 New York Comic Con, Oswalt and co-creator Jordan Bum took the stage to present their vision for the insane take on Marvel evil.


7;s a supervillain who hates Marvel heroes, but he hates all the other villains too,” Oswalt explained in the panel. “It’s not even D-level. It’s G. It’s just a double resentment in every episode.”

Blum added a preview of the configuration: “MODOK is determined to conquer the world with science with his evil organization AIM. […] and in our show, MODOK has spent years trying to do it, but it has buried its evil organization. “

While the creators were in awe of the actual storylines in store for MODOK, Oswalt was dismissive enough to say that they would draw from all over the Marvel universe, including the X-Men comics, to find characters worthy of threatening the miner.

MODOK It doesn’t currently have a release date, but Marvel fans can get a taste of the comedy in the first clip, which premiered during the panel.

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