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More PS5 photos emerge from the Japanese previews

To update: Here’s another photo of the PlayStation 5 in a real-world setting, this time without any clever image editing to make it look smaller. Clearly it’s a monster compared to previous PlayStation consoles, but we can’t help but appreciate its design a little more now that we finally see it in the flesh.

Popular Japanese YouTube channel 赤 髪 の と も の ゲ ー ム 実 況 チ ャ ン ネ ル !! is set to go live with a preview for PS5 this weekend, but for now the video thumbnail is pretty cool. This is actually the first time we’ve seen a real PlayStation 5 console outside of Sony’s print footage (and leaked factory images of pretty low quality).

The console itself looks good and the inner casing is much sleeker than we thought. Whether or not you think the design is ugly, you have to admit it̵

7;s an amazing piece of technology.

Our favorite thing about this miniature, though? It has to be a subtle way in which it makes the next generation console seem smaller than it actually is. As we all know, the PS5 is a beast machine – the largest Sony ever made – but this miniature makes it feel relatively light. Very clever.

Are you a fan of PS5 design? Would you like it to actually be this size? Update your opinion in the comments section below.

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