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Nantucket notes the “community spread” of COVID-19 among merchants

Nantucket has seen a spike in COVID-19 cases and is seeing “community spread” among construction, landscaping and cleaning traders who share transportation to workplaces, city officials said Friday. and Nantucket Cottage Hospital.

Seven new coronavirus cases were reported on Wednesday and seven more were reported on Thursday, a total of 77 cases in the city, according to a statement Friday by board chairman Dawn Hill Holdgate.

“These are the highest number of cases in a short period of time we̵

7;ve seen in Nantucket so far,” Holdgate said. “While this is not an unexpected situation, due to the nature of the coronavirus, we can expect episodic growth in the number of cases over the next 10-14 days.”

Of these 14 new cases, a dozen were among Nantucket residents, and most of these residents worked in the construction, woodworking, landscaping, painting, or cleaning industries, according to a separate statement on Friday from Roberto Santamaria. , the city’s director of health and human services, and Gary Shaw, the president of Nantucket Cottage Hospital.

The select committee and city health council will hold an emergency meeting Monday at 10:00 to consider placing restrictions on some of these activities, Holdgate said. The city will also increase visits and health inspections at construction and landscaping sites, he said.

The city is closing Tom Nevers Park from dusk till dawn and may close other city-owned recreation spaces during those hours, Holdgate said. Police patrol those areas and will ask anyone who visits during those hours to leave, he said.

Holdgate said evidence of community spread in Nantucket shows that “we have regressed in our mission to suppress the spread of COVID.”

Santamaria and Shaw asked anyone who was contacted by a contact tracer “to answer their questions fully and truthfully, cooperate with the investigation of the case and comply with all isolation and quarantine procedures”.

“Contact tracing is one of the most powerful tools we have to prevent the spread of the virus in our population,” they said.

Officials encouraged Nantucket residents to wear a face mask when in public, observe social distancing practices, and avoid large gatherings.

“We all cheer for the Patriots on Sunday, but we ask you to do it with your closest families rather than gathering in large groups or parties to watch the game,” said Santamaria and Shaw.

Holdgate acknowledged that residents are being asked to make uncomfortable sacrifices for the sake of public health.

“Right now, we need stamina and commitment. It’s difficult! “She said.” The consequences are worse. We have seen too many illegal meetings in certain public places. The relaxed behavior of a few people has caused restrictions due to this surge. “

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