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National “mini” bloc considered by governments

A waitress wearing a protective face cover brings drinks to customers in the late summer sun at the outdoor tables in Soho, central London on September 20, 2020.


LONDON – The UK could be headed for a second, shorter “mini” lockdown for two weeks to counter a resurgence in coronavirus cases, with other measures including 1

0pm. curfews and fines for failing to self-isolate a possibility.

According to the BBC, Prime Minister Boris Johnson is considering another national blockade to act as a “circuit breaker” to stop the spread of the virus. Plans to introduce tougher measures on the public come as new infections rise daily, with nearly 4,000 new cases reported on Sunday.

The government’s chief medical officer, Professor Chris Whitty, is expected to give a briefing on Monday at 11am London time on the state of the pandemic and say the UK is at a “tipping point”. UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock warned Sunday that the UK was at a “tipping point”.

Speaking to Sky News on Sunday, Hancock said that “people have relaxed over the summer” but “now is the time for everyone to come back” to follow the rules.

The government announced this weekend that anyone who refuses a self-isolation order after testing positive for the coronavirus could face a £ 10,000 ($ 12,960) fine since September 28.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has called for tighter restrictions in London, warning that the city may be just days behind other areas in the north of England that are subject to local lockdowns. Khan will meet with council leaders on Monday and is expected to recommend 10pm. a curfew in the capital, which would see cafes, pubs and restaurants reduce trading hours and allow more people to work from home if they can.

“Expect more restrictions”

The UK isn’t alone in seeing infections rise with major European economies seeing the same dramatic rise in cases after easing restrictions on public life several months ago. The World Health Organization warned last week that “a very serious situation was taking place in Europe” and that the increase in cases should act as a “wake-up call”.

Deutsche Bank analysts led by Jim Reid warned Monday morning that “we expect many more restrictions in the days and weeks to come, especially in Europe.”

“Given that we choked on a rather hot late September weekend here in the UK (and much of Europe), the fact that the virus is already spreading fairly quickly is a big concern. As much of an issue as they were. in the first wave, but it is really difficult to understand what the strategies of governments are right now, “they added.

“Almost everyone doesn’t want a further large-scale blockade, but they also don’t want the virus to spread. It won’t be easy for both of us to fix and, as such, it will be pretty tough months ahead if September sees numbers as high as they already are.”

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