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NBA power rankings: Celtics, Pelicans, 76er benefit from a favorable Disney program; Dollars, the Lakers stay on top



The strength of the Milwaukee program has remained practically the same, so the Bucks are essentially in the same boat as before the release of the program. They don̵

7;t run the risk of giving up the first seed in the East (does it really matter more without an advantage on the pitch?), So they will use the eight seeding games to bring Giannis Antetokounmpo and the rest of the roster back into shape and ready for the playoff race. – 53-12



The Lakers were hammered in terms of schedule, moving from the team with the pre-hiatus 18th ranked remaining strength of the program to Orlando’s third most difficult list. They still have an advantage over Clippers and Nuggets, so tough games probably won’t harm them – in fact, the rough schedule could help increase the intensity as the playoffs get closer. The main concern for L.A. in seeding games you will understand the rotations, especially with Avery Bradley out of the mix. – 49-14



Still in the front row to challenge the Lakers at the Western Conference, the strength of the Clippers’ program is basically unchanged. The biggest concern for them is that Lou Williams is considering giving up on the reboot, which would be a blow to the Clippers’ offensive attack and depth. If Williams plays, the Clippers should be one of the favorites to win the title. – 44-20



The Celtics will not only benefit from full health for the reboot, but will also have one of the most favorable programs in Orlando. They will face the Blazers, the Nets, the Magic, the Grizzlies and the Mages, all below .500, which could allow them to overcome the Raptors for the seed n. 2 in the East. 1 43-21



Initially, the Raptors had a tough schedule, but an absolute glove was delivered to Orlando. Six of the eight games are against teams with 39 or more wins, including NBA leaders Bucks and Lakers, and have no opponents who are not currently in the playoff position. Toronto would benefit from attaching to seed no. 2, as that would mean a first round matchup with Magic, Networks or Mages instead of the 76er, Pacer or Heat. 1 46-18



Denver had a tough schedule left before the arrest and will remain so at Walt Disney World. The West is interesting with the cancellation of the home court advantage, so seeding doesn’t really matter and matchups become more important. We will have to see if there is any possible tank in the last few games to create teams for the matchup they want, given that the seeds 2 to 7 in the West are all four wins from each other. The Nuggets hope their lean superstar, Nikola Jokic, will recover from COVID-19 to bring them to the success of the playoffs. – 43-22



The Sixers have reached the programmed jackpot, which should offer them all the opportunities to go up from point 6 in the East. They start with the Pacers, who may or may not have Victor Oladipo, then get a run of five consecutive teams under .500. This means that Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons and Sixers could start their season in Orlando on 6-0 and build up some momentum towards the playoffs. 3 39-26



Another victim of an approximate program, Heat went from the 14th highest level of the program to Disney’s second most difficult. I’m in that logjam from seeds n. 4 to no. 6 in the East, so falling to sixth would not necessarily be the worst thing in the world for them, even though they both lost their matchups with the Celtics (currently No. 3 in the East) this season. 1 41-24



OKC’s path to the playoffs has become slightly more difficult in the bubble, but not much. The Thunder are currently in fifth place in the Western Conference, with the same record as the Rockets, but could easily move to n. 3 or go down to n. 7 depending on their performance in the eight games. If they somehow ended up in a first round matchup against Houston, the entertainment value of Chris Paul-James Harden’s drama would be almost too small to contain. 1 40-24



Houston’s schedule has become slightly more difficult, but he still has to be excited that his players will be rested for the stretch run. James Harden’s fatigue has been commonly suggested as the cause of the recent losses of the Rockets playoffs, so hopefully this time it’s not a relevant factor. This should also refresh PJ Tucker, who has incredible demands on him defensively in the Rockets’ small ball setup. 1 40-24



The Mavericks were another beneficiary of a more forgiving program, as it was thought that they had the fourth most difficult game left before the break and moved to the 15th in Orlando. They have the Suns twice, plus the Kings and Blazers, which should give Luka Doncic, Kristaps Porzingis and Dallas a good chance to move from point 7 and avoid a potential first round matchup with the Clippers. – 40-27



Utah have a more favorable program in Orlando than before, but questions abound as to how Jazz will look without Bojan Bogdanovic, the team’s second top scorer and the lone 3-point high-volume threat. I’m in position no. 4 in the West, but only 2 games and 1/2 in front of n. 7 Mavericks. So conceivably if things go wrong in the eight seeding games, Jazz could play in a first round matchup with the Clippers. – 41-23



Indiana’s schedule has become slightly easier at Disney, but the real question is whether Victor Oladipo will play and what he will be like. The All-Star was just starting to find its rhythm when the season ended, and will have to see how his body responds as he accelerates conditioning before deciding whether to join his team for the resumption of the season. Without Oladipo and Jeremy Lamb already due to knee surgery, the Pacers would be much less of a threat to the playoffs. – 39-26



New Orleans had the simplest schedule remaining of all 22 teams on hiatus, so it’s only fitting that it has the simplest schedule in Orlando. Pelicans are the only team that has an opponent’s combined payout percentage of less than 500 and each of its last six opponents currently has losing records. This puts them in a privileged position to chase the Grizzlies for seed no. 8, both directly and in a potential play-in series. Get ready for Zion Mania at Disney. 1 28-36



The Grizzlies were staring at the second most difficult program left in the NBA before the break, and now it drops to sixth, but their position at number 8 in the West is still in danger. Pelicans will breathe their necks with the easiest program in Orlando, so Ja Morant, Jaren Jackson Jr. and Grizz will have to do everything they can to repel them. The good news for Memphis is that if he hangs on number 8 and is forced to play a series of play-ins for the playoff end point, he will have to beat his opponent only once on two games. 1 32-33



If a team is slept during the reboot discussion, they are the Kings. They were one of the most popular NBA teams at the time of the break and now have the third easiest program in Orlando. They were just beginning to understand things and now they could get Marvin Bagley III back for some, if not all, of their seeding games. Watch out for Sacramento. 1 28-36



The Nets have gone from the eighth toughest program remaining to the lighter fourth, which should give them a good chance to hold on to seed no. 7 and avoid game scenarios and a first round matchup with the Bucks. They also have two matchups against Magic, which are in the semi-finals in the standings, so their fate is at least a little in their hands. Even with Wilson Chandler giving up, Brooklyn shouldn’t risk losing the after-sales season. 2 30-34



The strength of the Orlando program remains practically the same, and its main goal should be to chase the nets for point no. 7 in the East, thus avoiding the Bucks in the first round. The Magic play Brooklyn twice in their eight games, so they will have every opportunity to do so. – 30-35


Trail Blazer

With the return of Jusuf Nurkic and Zach Collins, Portland seemed like a decent bet to challenge for a spot playoff … and then the program came out. The Blazers go from the sixteenth most difficult program left to the fifth most difficult during the restart, which makes their climb to the postseason much steeper. You will never want to count on Damian Lillard, but this will be a monumental task, especially since Trevor Ariza has given up on rebooting for family reasons. 3 29-37



The Spurs’ road to the playoffs has become slightly more difficult due to the schedule, but in reality it has become much more difficult because LaMarcus Aldridge has had end-of-season shoulder surgery. It looks more and more like the unusual post-season San Antonio series that could finally end, unless Gregg Popovich somehow manages to do a miracle in The Happiest Place on Earth. – 27-36



The Sun have a very limited chance of making the playoffs, and this has certainly not been helped by their program in Orlando, the seventh of the 22 most difficult teams. It will be fun to watch Devin Booker and Deandre Ayton for all the games they play, but winning may not be Phoenix’s main goal in the second half of the eight seeding games. – 26-39



The Wiz achieved a decent recovery of the program, as they were ready to tackle the most difficult program remaining before the break but will now navigate to the tenth most difficult place. It will still be a tough battle to capture Orlando or Brooklyn, particularly without Davis Bertans, but Washington could conceivably enter four games to force a series of play-ins. It would be fun to watch Bradley Beal in a scenario to win or go home. – 24-40



The Hornets season is over, but they can console themselves that they have exceeded expectations and developed three players – Devonte ‘Graham, Miles Bridges and PJ Washington – who could be the pillars of the legitimate franchise that go on. They will hope for the luck of the lottery and the continued growth of this offseason, but the reconstruction in Charlotte has just begun. – 23-42



It was a disappointing season for the Bulls, who eventually gave up and renewed the front office after years of speculation. Chicago has talent – Zach LaVine, Lauri Markkanen, Coby White, Wendell Carter Jr. – but has yet to find a way to translate it into wins. We’ll see if the new brass will opt to mix the deck in this low season. – 22-43



The Hawks have been really bad this year, right behind Cleveland for the third worst net score in the NBA, but there is reason to hope with the development of Trae Young and John Collins, in addition to adding Clint Capela to potentially support their trouble defense. They have a promising young wing crop with Kevin Huerter, De’Andre Hunter and Cam Reddish, and are likely to get another high draft to choose this low season. Sooner or later, though, you actually have to start winning games. – 20-47



D’Angelo Russell averaged nearly 22 points per game after joining the Warriors, but he only shot 41 percent from the field and 35 percent from the distance of 3 points. It will obviously benefit from the presence of Karl-Anthony Towns and the franchise depends on the success of the duo. Now is the time to start putting quality pieces around them. – 19-45



We haven’t learned much about the future of the Knicks this season – we’re still not sure how good RJ Barrett and Mitchell Robinson are and we don’t know if Kevin Knox and Frank Ntilikina will be part of the team’s plans. After a review of the front office, the top priority of this offseason is to find a coach, with the name of Tom Thibodeau at the top of the list. – 21-45



The Cavs would have loved taking a better look at Andre Drummond, but only eight games after exchanging it for him on expiration. Given the league’s financial landscape, he says he “surely” will exercise his $ 29 million option for next season, so the decision wasn’t in Cleveland’s hands anyway. Collin Sexton made a big leap towards the end of the season, so the Cavs will hope to build it as they continue to search for a commercial destination for Kevin Love. – 19-46



The long and strange journey is finally over, as one of the most bizarre seasons in NBA history has ended. The Warriors have gained valuable knowledge this year, namely that D’Angelo Russell did not adapt and that Eric Paschall is good enough, but all eyes immediately move to the next season, when a healthy Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and Andrew Wiggins, in addition to whatever they get from their best choice, should make Golden State once again contending for the title. – 15-50



In terms of NBA futures, it’s not much more bland than the Detroit Pistons. Blake Griffin’s contract with monsters will last until 2022 when he picks up the option, and the most promising young players on the roster are Luke Kennard and Bruce Brown. Christian Wood has probably done enough to convince the Pistons to make him a good offer this summer (who else will they spend their money on?), But Detroit could be the clubhouse leader to enter next season with the lowest total projection in the league. . – 20-46

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