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NBA YoungBoy bets on “TOP” Ft. Lil Wayne and Snoop Dogg

It’s common for younger artists in the rap game to often share projects that are teeming with features, but NBA YoungBoy decided to go a different path with his latest album, SUPERIOR. The Louisiana rapper may only be 20, but he has been making a stir for a few years now. His controversies often took center stage as he publicly battled legal and relationship issues, but NBA YoungBoy has always been determined to enforce his artistry.

In February, Birdman predicted that YoungBoy’s fame would surpass his peers. “I think NBA YoungBoy is going to be one of the greatest artists we̵

7;ve ever seen,” he said at the time. “I think it will be really great.” It is expected that SUPERIOR will be a fan favorite, especially with his two solo feature films by Lil Wayne and Snoop Dogg. Stream YoungBoy’s NBA SUPERIOR and let us know your thoughts.


1. Drug addiction
2. Crossroads
3. The last courtyard …
4. Creep of the right foot
5. Stick dirty
6. Kacey Talk
7. My Window with Lil Wayne
8. I’m awake
9. Low season
10. All In
11. Dead Trollz
12. F * ck Ya!
13. Big Bankroll
14. Boom
15. Reaper’s Child
16. Murder business
17. Sticks With Me
18. Tingz house arrest
19. At a minimum
20. Barely peace
21. Callin with Snoop Dogg

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