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NC county declared “safe” for newborns

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DAVIE COUNTY, NC (ChurchMilitant.com) – On Monday, October 5, 2020, the Davie County Council of Commissioners unanimously voted to become the second safe county for premature babies in the nation, as part of the Personhood Safe Cities and Counties Alliance initiative. Important growth of this initiative is expected, not only in North Carolina, but throughout the country, as pro-life Christians decide not to wait for judges and politicians to resolve our moral crises.

Pastor Keith Pavalansky

After unanimously passing the Safe County resolution, Davie County joins neighboring Yadkin County, North Carolina, in moving to the next phase of the Personhood Alliance’s Safe Cities and Counties initiative (formerly known as Sanctuaries for Life). So far, this project has implanted Safe Cities in eight Mississippi cities, two counties in North Carolina, and several locations in seven other states, which are currently pursuing Safe City resolutions.

Pastor Keith Pavalansky, president of Personhood NC, who is leading Safe County efforts in North Carolina, recalls the long road to Davie County resolution:

Davie County’s journey to becoming a safe county was a strange one, like all of 2020. Personhood NC began a dual approach in January, bringing pastors together to explain the effort and directly involving county commissioners at the same time. We delivered a resolution to the council of commissioners the first week of February, but the COVID-19 panic disrupted the monthly commissioners’ meeting in March and our resolution was pending until last Monday. Eventually, the council voted to become the second county in US history to become a safe county! This is truly a historic moment.

The Safe City resolution marks the end of Phase 1 of the Personhood Alliance’s three-phase Safe Cities and Counties initiative and entry into the educational and community-building work of Phase 2.

The three phases of the strategy for a safe city

The Safe Cities and Counties initiative was designed to replicate the early Christian approach to changing culture and shaping the law.

In Phase 1, churches, leaders and community members come together to encourage the county council or city council to pass a bold, but legally benign, resolution to establish the moral and legal basis for becoming a safe city or county. For example, the resolution just passed in Davie County firmly and boldly declares the personality of all human beings and the duty of local leaders to protect them fairly under the law.

The city or county acts upon the resolution in Phase 2, when church leaders, council and commissioner members, and community and ministry leaders work together to build support networks and systems to meet local needs. During this phase, the Personhood Alliance helps educate the Church, community members and local authorities on personality principles and how to apply them to all community holiness issues, including abortion, promotion and adoption, trafficking in human beings, exploitation of children, unethical biotechnology, discrimination of the disabled, crisis in nursing homes and many other threats specific to that local jurisdiction.

At the heart of Phase 2 is the desire and need for the Church to claim charity from the government. It is time for Christians to make individual commitments to serve the needs of their communities and share Jesus with those who are lost and broken. Ultimately, the goal is to make abortion and other direct attacks on human life and dignity illegal is unthinkable. Only the gospel can change hearts and minds on a relational level.

Ultimately, the goal is to make abortion and other direct attacks on human life and dignity illegal is unthinkable.

In phase 3, the community takes peaceful and non-violent measures to exercise its constitutional authority and ignore the unfair sentence of Roe v. Wade and all its precedents. It is in Phase 3 that local authorities adopt legally binding ordinances and intervene on behalf of the unborn child and all other victims of the Culture of Death.

The wisdom of the phased safe city strategy

Pastor Pavlansky discusses the importance of the step-by-step approach in community protection and preparation:

The wisdom of the Safe City strategy is that it eliminates early legal objections and concerns, as the first step is to simply pass common sense, a moral resolution. Passing a resolution will incur no legal cost, unless opponents suddenly feel they can get rid of the First Amendment. The opposition can shout whatever it wants about the resolution – a powerful public statement – but they can’t sue … We now have a tool to rack up pro-life victories at relatively low cost. It just takes energy and willpower to do it in conservative areas.

Pastor Pavlasky notes that there are sometimes objections from pro-life activists:

There are some criticisms of “passing resolutions only” from our pro-life communities who want to immediately put themselves at legal risk. I have noticed to them that this is only our first step and that our resolutions have the same legal weight as the Declaration of Independence 244 years ago. Additionally, the three-step approach strengthens local awareness and understanding and prepares churches and civilian leaders for the battle ahead.

Personhood Alliance’s Safe Cities and Counties initiative is different from other sanctuary city models that pass legally binding ordinances to criminalize abortion as a first, and often only, step.

The efforts in Texas led by Sanctuaries for the Unborn and East Texas Right to Life, which recently announced that Texas’s fifteenth city will become a “Sanctuary City for Unborn Children,” is one example. Similar efforts have been made in Utah and New Mexico.

Flawed legal precedents have legalized abortion at any gestational age and infanticide

The Personhood Alliance’s step-by-step strategy protects communities from legal challenges that weigh and often hinder challenging or just defiant approaches, such as the ACLU’s lawsuit against Texas sanctuary cities. The three-step Safe Cities and Counties strategy does not challenge federal or state law in the beginning, which can bring unnecessary and potentially harmful attention to the community and its leaders before adequate support systems are in place.

The Safe City strategy also doesn’t wait Roe be overturned, nor does it include exceptions, compromises or other delayed or inconsistent enforcement measures. Although the end result of a safe city or county resolution is equal protection through defying unjust laws, the path to getting there focuses on the Church’s responsibility to end the legal killing of prenatal children and defend against all other attacks. directed to human life and dignity, at all stages.

Personhood Alliance President Les Riley explains:

The most effective pro-life ministry is local and relational. We are seeing different sanctuary endeavors pursued by different groups now, but too often they are plagued by the same compromises and exceptions that have damaged the core mission of the movement for life over the past 50 years. These efforts are meant to challenge Roe – a goal we share. But at the same time they wait for the unfair decision to be reversed.

We must engage in these local efforts to take back our cities and counties, and ultimately our states, by applying consistent moral principles and rejecting judicial tyranny. And we need to engage Christians in protecting children and families in their backyards, while also making sure that principled local leaders have a strong community support system for the battle ahead.

Important growth is expected

Pastor Pavlansky expects many more counties and cities in North Carolina and across the country to join the Safe Cities and Counties initiative:

The Personhood Alliance has all the support and data any pastor or group needs to locally reverse the injustice associated with Roe v. Wade. The three-step process is simple, is it translates into extreme excitement and enthusiasm within the participating churches and communities. Both Yadkin and Davie counties have now begun to create a Culture of Life that will continue to spread throughout our state.

For more information on the Safe Cities and Counties initiative, led by the state affiliated organizations of the Personhood Alliance, visit our Safe Cities page. To find a Personhood Alliance affiliate in your state or to start one, view our affiliate map.

Sarah Quali is president of Personhood Alliance Education, founder of Educe® online learning and author of the Foundations online life curriculum. She is an award-winning curriculum and education designer who has worked for over 20 years in corporate, academic and ministerial settings.

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