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New trailers: Resident Evil, Truth Seekers, The Queen’s Gambit and more

No spoilers, but I started Enola Holmes and I love Millie Bobby Brown, she is so charming. The bit of looking right into the camera that I don’t usually like (except Lots of fleas!) works really very well to give us his inner thoughts. I’ll report once I’m done, but so far, it’s a refreshing reboot of the sometimes boring Sherlock Holmes universe.

Here are the new trailers this week, including a surprise teaser of a new one Resident Evil series that looks, well, terrifying, of course (h / t a The VergeTaylor Lyles for noticing this!). We̵

7;re headed for October, so the deals are a little creepier this week.

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness

Surprise! Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness is an upcoming “CG anime series” on Netflix. The teaser trailer shows Claire Redfield with the flashlight in a scary dark room and Leon Kennedy saving an unknown man and, of course, there’s at least one zombie (probably more, I guess). Not a lot of details yet, but it looks like this will drop on Netflix in 2021.

Seekers of Truth

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are back (yaaaaay !!) in a new “supernatural comic drama series” (lol you get all genres, I guess) where they play paranormal investigators trying to solve a strange mystery. Samson Kayo and Emma D’Arcy are also the protagonists. Seekers of Truth arrives on Amazon Prime Video on October 30th.

The obsession of bly manor

Oooh on which this is based The turn of the screw by Henry James (English lit major, activate!), and is a sequel to The Haunting of Hill House series. Apparitions, a couple of orphans, a Victorian country house with a lake … check all the gothic horror boxes. The Haunting of Bly Manor arrives on Netflix on October 9th.

a world of calm

OK, so it’s a sleep / meditation app-based series with episodes “designed to transform your feelings through enchanting music, scientifically engineered storytelling, and amazing footage.” It features “sleep stories” from the likes of Mahershala Ali, Idris Elba, Keanu Reeves, Nicole Kidman and Kate Winslet. I mean, why not, I guess? We could all use a little more cold because of . A world of calm debuts on HBO Max on October 1st.

The Queen’s Gambit

Based on Walter Tevis’ bestselling 1983 novel, The Queen’s Gambit tells the story of an orphan who turns out to be a chess prodigy and follows her rise in the world of chess alongside her struggles with addiction. Can’t wait for it to arrive, Anya Taylor-Joy is awesome in this trailer. Comes to Netflix on October 23rd.

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