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New trailers this week: Rebecca, The Truffle Hunters, Sneakerheads and, of course, Dune

OK, so I got out of my rep routine and binge-eaten Far on Netflix on Labor Day and … I really wanted to like it! The acting was so beautiful, and it sounded beautiful, but the script tested credibility at every turn.

It started off promisingly with an incident aboard the spacecraft that makes the rest of the crew question whether first-time commander Emma Green (Hilary Swank) is truly up to the long-range mission of guiding them to Mars. And there are great performances from a top notch cast.

I just wish the writers had resisted the urge to include the common tensions of romantic comedies and the endless Eureka! moments (ex: a person on Earth suffers a static electric shock and realizes that it could be the key to helping the space crew out of their latest crash!), and we could have completely eliminated the story B of the rebellious teenage daughter of Green. I held out until the end but honestly the episodes got less interesting as the show went on. Perhaps the second season, if there is one, can focus more attention on science fiction in this science fiction story. At least it sounded really, really cool.


Also beautiful: my absolute joy Verge colleagues tried to watch the trailer of the new Dune remake. I haven’t seen the 1984 movie or read the novel, so I’m a total Dune neophyte. But apparently the sand worm is a big deal and fear is the mind killer. Here’s the team’s analysis of the trailer. Dune should arrive in theaters on December 18th.

And here are a few more trailers to check out, including one that’s 100 percent tailor-made for this former UK major:


“A young bride arrives at her husband’s imposing family estate on a windswept English coast and finds herself fighting the shadow of her first wife Rebecca, whose legacy lives on in the house long after his death.” I’m just going to inject this into my veins right now. Rebecca was a 1938 gothic novel by Daphne du Maurier that Alfred Hitchcock turned into a film starring Laurence Olivier and Joan Fontaine that won the 1941 Oscar for Best Picture (watch the trailer here). This remake features Lily James as the second Mrs. de Winter, Armie Hammer as Maxim, and Kristin Scott Thomas (yes) as Mrs. Danvers. Rebecca will be released on Netflix (and in some cinemas) on October 21st.

The truffle hunters

This documentary is about men looking for rare Alba truffles in Piedmont, Italy, and the gorgeous landscapes in the trailer scenes make it feel more like a movie. Variety says they are not all idyllic countryside, however; climate change and deforestation are real threats to this centuries-old tradition. But the directors treat the subject “with respect, curiosity and a sense of awe”, VarietyThe review says. The truffle hunters it is expected to arrive in theaters on December 25th.


This series is about former sneakerhead Devin, now a stay-at-home dad who is still obsessed with finding a pair of Zero, sort of the holy grail of sneakers. Minor Spoiler: It’s not just a show about sneakers. Allen Maldonado plays Devin and honestly he’s so funny and charming in the trailer that I can’t wait to watch it. Sneakerheads arrives on Netflix on September 25th.

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