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New York Jets defensive coordinator Gregg Williams takes a veiled blow to the team’s offense

Tension is growing within the New York Jets organization.

On Friday, defensive coordinator Gregg Williams covertly fired at coach Adam Gase’s attack, suggesting that the defensive fights are not entirely the defense’s fault.

The 0-5 Jets, who face the Miami Dolphins on Sunday, concede 32.2 points per game, worse than any team except the Dallas Cowboys.

“It’s not a very good number – and a lot of it isn’t all defensive,” Williams said after Friday’s practice. “They are points on the board and we have to do a good job and the way you do it is to make him kick more goals on the pitch, we have to do a better job at things like field position.

“As you can see, the score is increasing in the league, but it still makes me sick,”

; he said.

Seven words hung in the air: “Much is not all defensive.” When asked what he meant by this, Williams went cryptic.

“You should understand that,” he said, ending his video call with reporters.

The hard-fought Gase was not available to comment, as he had already spoken to reporters.

Williams was probably referring to the offense being responsible for 12 points allowed: two Sam Darnold interceptions returned for touchdown in a week 3 defeat to the Indianapolis Colts.

The attack also made defense tough, scoring an average of just 15 points per game and positioning himself near the end of the table in total yards and possession time.

But Williams’ unit didn’t fare much better, dropping 394 yards per game and finishing last in third defense.

“We have been put in some unfortunate situations when it comes to the position on the pitch,” said safety Bradley McDougald.

“At the end of the day, our job is to get out and prevent points,” he added. “We just have to go out there and do more shows.”

This was a tumultuous week for the Jets, who released running back Le’Veon Bell after clashing with Gase for more than a year and complaining about his role.

Gase has been in awe since Bell’s ouster. He declined to comment on Friday when asked about Bell’s signing with the Kansas City Chiefs.

“Focusing on Miami, man,” he said.

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