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NFL owners who virtually meet on Tuesday prefer to avoid the week 18 scenario

The owners of the NFL are practically meeting on Tuesday, and the head of their agenda is the ongoing COVID-19 situation.

The league has already been forced to postpone and reschedule more matches due to positive testing between organizations, mixing weeks of farewell and contests to make its standard 17-week slate work. That could change, as NFL Network’s Michael Silver reported late Sunday, which would result in an 18 week. NFL Network’s Judy Battista reported Monday there is a strong preference between ownership of not adding an 1

8 week to keep the playoffs and the Super Bowl on schedule.

The championship will adjust if necessary, of course, but the preference is to stay the course, according to Battista. Once a team that has already had its bye – so far, which includes Pittsburgh and Tennessee, which has had its byes moved to week 4 due to a COVID-19 outbreak among the Titans organization – cannot playing in a given week, the Week 18 scenario will likely come true, for Silver.

In a Week 18 scenario, the league would likely only play if they had a significant impact on the playoffs, Silver added. And if such a postponement scenario occurs for the same teams multiple times, there’s also a chance for a week 19.

It’s not preference at this point, and the NFL owners will get together to discuss all the possibilities on Tuesday, but all scenarios remain in play in a very unusual season that keeps snorting.

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