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NFL power rankings: Buccaneers, Chiefs in the top 3 despite losses

When esteemed colleague Mitch Goldich told me it was my turn to assemble the MMQB “Power Rankings”, I was thrilled! I would finally have the opportunity to write about my true passion, inventor / engineer / futurist Nikola Tesla, whose innovations made the modern electric power system possible and who was superior to Thomas Edison in every way imaginable.

But then Mitch explained to me that I was actually just ranking soccer teams, which seems a lot less interesting and also largely useless as there is already a whole system for determining who is the best team (they keep score of matches, they keep track rankings, hold eliminatory playoff matches based on those rankings, etc.).

But apparently there̵

7;s an insatiable appetite for these things – and certainly those nerds who posted their Power Rankings before Week 5 was complete (compared to Tuesday Night Football!) Haven’t quenched that thirst.

So, if you’ve come to worry about how I rank the 32 NFL teams, read on. And if you want to learn more about Nikola Tesla, go to your local library. Or if you don’t like reading, check out this music video for the mid-level song “Edison’s Medicine “by the band Tesla. (Yes, there was a hair metal band named after Nikola Tesla, and they wrote a song that accurately banged Thomas Edison, because that’s just what people did in the early 90s. .)

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