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NFL power rankings: Chiefs No.1, Cardinals impresses in the first week

Welcome to the MMQB Week 2 Power Rankings! We are doing things a little differently this year. For years we have held the MMQB Power Rankings survey, where a panel of our writers and editors ranks each team from 1 to 32 and we calculate the points. (See our preseason survey here.) This year, we will be taking turns with the power rankings most weeks, and we will stop the survey at some key points of the season. My number was the first, so here I am with week 2.

Sure, what are you interested in? I know that no one is reading the introduction of a post on power charts. I could tell you that I spent my Sunday aboard an alien spaceship or that I have the latitude and longitude coordinates for a chest full of gold and jewels buried in the Montana desert and you would scroll through the past to see where I ranked. your favorite team.

So let̵

7;s get straight to the point. Join me as I try to decide which Week 1 matches I should overreact and which ones I should ignore as it’s been a weird offseason and the teams are still finding their balance. Confirmation bias is a beautiful thing.

1. Kansas City Chiefs (1-0)

Last week: win over Houston 34-20
Next week: to the Los Angeles Chargers

Honestly, I could have kept the Chiefs in first place even if they lost to Houston. They are so good. Obviously, they didn’t put me in a position to have to, reminding everyone exactly how good they are with a win on the opening night of the season.

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