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NFL Week 1 Odds, Predictions, Schedule, Viewing Modes, Streaming: Expert Predictions Against Spread, Survivor & More

The first Sunday of the NFL season is finally within reach and we’re here to prepare you for action. We are already 1/256 of the season after the Chiefs took care of business in the opening on Thursday night, recovering the victory over the Texans from last season’s playoffs. Thirty other teams are hoping to join the Chiefs 1-0 to start the year, but only half of them (at best) can be successful.

Who will those teams be to reap the win and, more importantly, who will cover the spread? We will talk about it now.

Each week, we will gather all the best gambling choices and content from CBSSports.com and SportsLine in one place, so that you can get anti-spread choices from our CBS Sports experts and additional content for each game, including games from SportsLine̵

7;s best experts and SportsLine projection model, best bets from our staff, survivor’s picks and more.

Enjoy our week 1 roundup and good luck with your games! All odds via William Hill Sportsbook.

What choices can you make confidently in week 1? And which Super Bowl competitor falls hard? Visit SportsLine to see which NFL teams are winning more than 50 percent of the simulations, all from the model exceeding $ 7,000 in its top-rated picks.

Dolphins in Patriots

Time: Sunday, 1pm ET (CBS), streaming on CBS All Access
Open: Patriots -6.5, O / U 43
Current: Patriots -6.5, U / U 42

“The Dolphins hype is out of control. Lots of smart people who know a lot of smart things about football are making a mistake and getting caught up in a wave of ambitions for Brian Flores and Ryan Fitzpatrick winning AFC East. One thing people do. seems to ignore Cam Newton and Bill Belichick who are teaming up. Which seems pertinent information! If you think the Pats will wither in the dark and Belichick will return to playing WAR with his dog because Tom Brady is gone, you bet absolutely against the Pats. This seems like a hammer point for Cam & Co. out the gate for me. “- Will Brinson, who loves the Patriots as a better bet

Brinson likes pats so much that he went so far as to predict a final score of 28-7 for Bill Belichick in his first game in the post-Tom Brady era. You can see all of Brinson’s picks in his Thursday column.

Browns to Ravens

Time: Sunday, 1pm ET (CBS), streaming on CBS All Access
Open: Ravens -8.5, U / U 48.5
Current: Ravens -7.5, U / U 48

Kenny White: “I can’t play a team in the game. My number is right … Without preseason, I think the [Browns] the offense will be far behind. I like the defense they have, so I like the Under 48 team. It’s a great number. ”

Will Brinson: “That’s a lot of points. If the Browns hang 40, you just have to leave the hat to Kevin Stefanski and eat the bunch of you know what.”

This is from the Pick Six podcast, where I join Pete Prisco, Kenny White and Will Brinson every Friday to analyze all games from a gambling perspective and distribute the best bets. Check it out below and subscribe every day for great NFL content in your feed.

Jets at Bills

Time: Sunday, 1pm ET (CBS), streaming on CBS All Access
Open: Invoices -6, U / U 40
Current: Invoices -6.5, U / U 39.5

“The Bills have a fantastic defense, and now Josh Allen has Stefon Diggs to pitch and Zack Moss in the backfield along with Devin Singletary. The Jets stink. They hate their coach. This number could close higher.” – Hammerin ‘Hank Goldberg on why the Bills are one of his best bets for week 1

Goldberg, the legendary Las Vegas handicapper, finished last season with a staggering 23-7 over the past 10 weeks in his best bets column. You can see who else is taking in the first week on SportsLine.

Raiders at Panthers

Time: Sunday, 1pm ET (CBS), streaming on CBS All Access
Open: Raiders -1.5, U / U 47
Current: Raiders -3, U / U 47.5

“I have a feeling this might be the worst game on the calendar of week 1. More than half of Carolina’s roster has been turned upside down and the young Panthers could field one of the worst defenses in the NFL. Little about the Raiders impresses me.” – NFL insider Jonathan Jones, who will ultimately lead the Raiders to win in week one

Jones has long been inducted into the heart of the Panthers as an ex Charlotte Observer reporter. You can check out all the NFL insider picks in its Thursday column.

Seahawks at Falcons

Time: Sunday, 1pm ET (Fox), stream on fuboTV (Try it for free)
Open: Seahawks -1, U / U 49
Current: Seahawks -2.5, U / U 49

“Maybe I’m an idiot, but I don’t think this Falcons team is as bad as people think it is. The defense found its footing in the second half of last season when the team was able to move forward. road and beat both the 49ers and the Saints. The offense has a lot of stability stemming from this unique offseason. And while the Seahawks are arguably the best team, they struggled in the final matches of week 1. Remember they barely held a La Bengali team last year who finished with pick number 1? They lost the two years before and eliminated a bad team Dolphins as double-digit favorite in 2016 “. – R.J. White on why the Falcons are one of his best bets

I have twice won the Westgate SuperContest, widely regarded as the toughest sports gambling competition in the world. I’ve also gotten over 57% of my picks in the past five years combined. You can see all five of my Week 1 picks for the SuperContest by going to SportsLine and use the promo code WHITE to sign up for $ 1 for your first month of access to all of SportsLine’s picks and analytics.

Eagles in Washington

Time: Sunday, 1pm ET (Fox), stream on fuboTV (Try it for free)
Open: Eagles -6, U / U 44.5
Current: Eagles -5.5, U / U 42.5

“The Eagles have won their last six games against Washington and the football team is coming out of an offseason nightmare. They have been forced to change their name and uniforms and have been blasted by the media for the owner of the environmental team. Dan Snyder allegedly promoted behind the scenes. On the other hand, Philly is on recovery in almost every way. … Terry McLaurin won’t take this team by surprise again, especially with Darius Slay now in secondary, so go ahead and get the Eagles win by more than one touchdown. ” Jordan Dajani, who has the winning Eagles 30-17

Dajani picks each match each week, but highlights his five best bets, which you can check out in his Thursday column.

Bears to the Lions

Time: Sunday, 1pm ET (Fox), stream on fuboTV (Try it for free)
Open: Lions -1.5, U / U 44
Current: Lions -1.5, U / U 42

“2019 was a lost year for Lions after Matthew Stafford was sidelined after week 9, but there is considerable buzz surrounding Detroit as it enters this season. … Chicago, meanwhile, has named Mitchell Trubisky the starter of Week 1 on Nick Foles, who he mistook for this offseason. I think it has more to do with the shortened offseason pandemic which eliminates the opportunity for Foles to more clearly overtake Trubisky than does the incumbent simply by beating him. That means we will likely see more or less the same inconsistency from Trubisky in the beginning, which offers Detroit a good starting point for 2020. ” – Tyler Sullivan, who won Lions 24-17

Sullivan got his ATS pick on Thursday night, so he’s looking to stay perfect in the season when Sunday kicks off. You can check all of his choices in his Wednesday column.

Colts to Jaguars

Time: Sunday, 1pm ET (CBS), streaming on CBS All Access
Open: Colts -7, O / U 46
Current: Colts -8, O / U 45

The Colts will be one of the most popular choices for survivors to start the season, as they feature the biggest spread of the weekend in their match against the Jaguars. While there is no way to place the eight points, I think they are a relatively safe choice to take the win in week 1, provided Philip Rivers has not passed his due date and fails completely to open. I’m a little more interested in going with a less obvious game in week 1 and hoping for chaos. For me it is the Bills, who are favorites by almost a touchdown but play at home, where I think the talent gap between them and the Jets will help them to achieve a permanent win.

You can check another opinion on the best plays of the survivor pool before blocking your choice by going to SportsLine.

Packers at Vikings

Time: Sunday, 1pm ET (Fox), stream on fuboTV (Try it for free)
Open: Vikings -3.5, U / U 46.5
Current: Vikings -2.5, U / U 44.5

“These teams have basically been considered throughout the offseason as well, and with the line in their week 1 game dropping a tick off three at Vikings -2.5, the Packers are my best teaser to open the year. The Vikings have lost many key pieces during the off-season, and I don’t expect their passing offense to light up the scoreboard. Meanwhile, Aaron Rodgers should be motivated to prove his skeptics wrong (even those in the building). and I like his chances of keeping the game close if the Packers are behind in the second half. ” – R.J. White in my weekly teaser column

This week I’ll be ranking all the teams that I think might be worth teasing, as you look for a pair to put together for your Week 1 bets. You can check out my column on Wednesday, although I’d skip the Broncos at # 1 at this point. 2 and take my third or fourth ranked team to mate with the Packers.

Chargers in Bengals

Time: Sunday, 4:05 PM ET (CBS), streaming on CBS All Access
Open: Charger -3, O / U 44.5
Current: Battery charger -3, O / U 41.5

“I understand that the Bengals had the worst record in the NFL last year, and that is how they were able to draw Joe Burrow. I also know this is Joe Burrow’s first NFL start. These are all reasons why the Bengals are underdogs at home to start the season. That said, are the Chargers a team you are ready to trust as a favorite? Philip Rivers is in Indianapolis. Melvin Gordon is in Denver. Justin Herbert is on the bench, waiting to take on the I start work. In its place is Tyrod Taylor, who is nothing more than a temporary option in the position. I’m not used to taking temporary QBs as street favorites, and neither should you be. ” – Tom Fornelli on why he has Bengals +3.5 as the best bet

Fornelli, which predicts the Bengals outright victory on Joe Burrow’s debut, has two other top bets you can check out in his Thursday column.

Cardinals to 49ers

Time: Sunday, 4:25 PM ET (Fox), streaming on fuboTV (Try it for free)
Open: 49ers -7.5, U / U 47
Current: 49ers -7, U / U 48

“This is a careful match for the reigning NFC champions. The 49ers have some offensive injury issues, which could limit them. The Cardinals should be much improved in defense this season, and I think the offense will be explosive. Also. so., it’s a tough start. They stay around, but the 49ers win. ” – Pete Prisco on why the Cardinals are one of his best bets this week

Priscus nearly hit the final score in Thursday night’s opening, and in this he has the winning 49ers by three points. You can find his reasoning for all of his choices this week in his Wednesday column.

Buccaneers at Saints

Time: Sunday, 4:25 PM ET (Fox), streaming on fuboTV (Try it for free)
Open: Saints -4, O / U 49.5
Current: Saints -3.5, U / U 47.5

“Due to the pandemic, the NFL has canceled training and OTAs for all 32 teams, which means [Tom] Brady was unable to officially train with his team until August. Basically, when this match starts, Brady will only have about five weeks of practice to his credit, which means he will only have had five weeks to get comfortable with all of his bouts. … I think the Buccaneers will be good this year, but they have too many new players and I don’t think everyone will be on the same page in week 1. “- John Breech on why the Saints win but the Bucs cover

Breech expects a 27-24 final in this game, and has already been hit on one of his two blocks from Week 1. Find out which team lands the other spot in his locks by going to his Tuesday column.

Cowboys to Rams

Time: Sunday, 8:20 PM ET (NBC), streaming on fuboTV (free trial)
Open: Cowboys -2.5, U / U 50.5
Current: Cowboys -2.5, U / U 51.5

“Though [Jalen] Ramsey closes [Amari] Cooper down, Dallas should have big advantages in other parts of the passing game. [Michael] Gallup was as good as Cooper last year and should see a lot of Troy Hill on the outside. Gallup has some pretty big physical advantages in that matchup, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see that [Dak] Prescott tries to connect with him on at least a double jump along the sideline. [CeeDee] Lamb thinks he sees David Long in the slot, and Long is not equipped to handle a receiver of Lamb’s caliber, if his play last year is any indication (115.4 passer rating allowed, for Pro Football Focus). Lamb’s run-after-catch ability presents problems for the Rams, who conceded 5.1 yards after catching for reception last season. “- Jared Dubin, who won the Cowboys 30-24

Dubin took a dip in the Sunday Night Football match on both sides of the ball, and you can check that out in his Friday column.

Steelers at Giants

Time: Monday, 7:10 pm ET (ESPN), stream on fuboTV (try for free)
Open: Steelers -3.5, U / U 47.5
Current: Steelers -6, O / U 46

“The Pittsburgh Steelers are legitimate Super Bowl contenders and rightfully so. The Giants will compete for the first pick overall. The Steelers take back a Hall of Fame quarterback, have one of the best defenses in the NFL that has point guards at every level and a rush to pass. They are a turnover machine and are faced with a quarterback who seemingly fumbles every other snap and who has a weak offensive line in front of him and has a defense that has been a failure For years Big Ben will be out to put on a show on “Monday Night Football” to prove he’s back, and the Giants will put up almost no resistance. Getting this game for less than a touchdown is extreme value for me. After a few weeks into the season, if these teams meet again, this is definitely a double-digit spread. ” – Jason La Canfora, NFL insider, explains why the Steelers are one of his best bets

Camphor is throwing a curveball by taking a teaser as one of its top three bets this week. You can check out all of his best bets in his Friday column.

Titans to Broncos

Time: Monday, 10:20 PM ET (ESPN), stream on fuboTV (try it for free)
Open: Broncos -2, O / U 42
Current: Titans -2, O / U 41

SportsLine’s # 1 expert Mike Tierney returned more than $ 2,400 to $ 100 to bettors last season. A national sports journalist whose work appears in New York Times is Los Angeles Times, Tierney has covered the NFL for decades and reported from seven Super Bowls. He prefers to evaluate each game from the perspective of the underdog and used that philosophy to dominate the NFL, going 66-44 against the spread in 2019 and 63-46 in 2018.

Tierney has been keeping an eye on these teams’ trends, posting a record of 16-8 on picks against the spread in favor of or against Tennessee or Denver. He jumped on one side of this spread, and you can see which one on SportsLine.

Thanks for checking us out and good luck with your choices!

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