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Oculus Quest 2 release date, price, specification, pre-orders and losses

The Oculus Quest it was an advantage for those looking to delight in the world of virtual reality without spending an arm and a leg (or getting caught in sensors). It’s a fantastic option for anyone who doesn’t have a computer setup ready for virtual reality for more powerful options like Oculus Rift S.

Now that Facebook has decided to discontinue its other lightweight and affordable VR headphones, the Oculus Go, the Quest remains the best and most reliable option for those in this category. It also means that the company is looking to expand its relationship with low cost virtual reality. In a nutshell, it is indicative of a sequel to the original Quest: the Oculus Quest 2.

With that in mind, all eyes are on Facebook for an official revelation and more information on what we might expect from Quest 2. Aside from a huge variety of rumors, we̵

7;re still mostly in the dark about what to expect from Oculus Quest 2. However , to keep you updated, we have included all the information currently available on the headset in this guide.

Latest news on Oculus Quest 2

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What’s this: The sequel to Oculus’s standalone VR headset, Oculus Quest.
Release date: TBD (potentially September 21)
Price: TBD (potentially $ 399- $ 499)
Main features: TBD

Oculus Quest 2 release date

(Credit image: WalkingCat)

Facebook hasn’t offered any definitive pricing announcements or a release date for Quest 2, but as usual with bigger debuts like this, there are rumors that keep swirling about what we can expect.

Earlier this month, the Asian Nikkei review reported that Oculus Quest 2 apparently “would enter mass production in late July,” citing trusted sources.

Following these reports, Twitter’s most recent leaker WalkingCat seemed to have has announced a new provisional release date for Oculus Quest 2: September 15th. On July 24, the account posted a photo of the headset with the date indicated as a caption.

We have heard talk already in May 2020 away Bloomberg that Quest 2 was in its advanced testing stages within Facebook’s Oculus division at the time. This could mean that the September date is not out of the question.

To put things in perspective, the original Oculus Quest debuted just over a year ago, so we’re looking at a credible calendar if we see Quest 2 coming out in September. We could potentially find out more about Oculus Quest 2 before it was digital only Oculus Connect 7 the event will take place in the autumn. Although traditionally held from mid-September to early October, it is likely that it could be scheduled for Quest 2’s debut, as an announcement has not yet been announced as to when to expect the event.

Oculus Quest 2 price

Just as there has been no official announcement regarding an Oculus Quest 2 release date, there has been no word on pricing. Oculus Quest is currently $ 400 to $ 500 when you can find it in stock, which may seem a bit steep for some budgets, but is still relatively cheap compared to its more expensive VR brothers.

Quest 2 is very likely to end up in this price range, with the previous Quest receiving a potential discount if it is not completely stopped. So far, there seems to be no substantial change in the main product which would require a substantial difference or an increase in the price which would make it prohibitively expensive in comparison to the original product.

Oculus Quest 2 specifications

Leaked shots of Oculus Quest 2

(Credit image: Reddit)

It is difficult to discern what specs we can expect from Quest 2 since we have been given so little information, but the original Bloomberg report shed light on how large the device could be.

If the initial ratios are true, we could see a 10-15% reduction in terms of overall weight and size compared to its predecessor. The images leaked via WalkingCat reveal a slightly smaller and slimmer headset, but it’s hard to say definitively that there has been a change.

What we can say from the first few images is that Quest 2 could potentially have removed the interpupillary distance adjuster (IPD) to help change the target distance for various users. It is not clear if it has simply been moved or if this model is completely renouncing the option.

As for the interior, the original Quest used a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 CPU to power the device. The Snapdragon 865 is now the preferred CPU that would probably be used here, but Facebook could instead opt for a cheaper model like the Snapdragon 855 to save some money and pass the savings on to users. It will likely also include additional RAM compared to the Quest’s 4 GB, but this has not yet been confirmed.

Otherwise, we can discern that there is something of a fabric interior (probably for greater comfort), a larger nose pad presumably to keep the light from outside, as well as two microphones. Facebook has remained mum on any other specification right now.

Oculus Quest 2 controller

(Image credit: future)

We could potentially see some of the biggest changes to Quest 2 in the form of included controllers. In April, VR developer Gerald McAlister at the time, he made a note of a special driver in a Quest firmware update. The driver “Oculus Jedi Controller for Oculus Del Mar” seemed to refer to Quest 2 by an internal code name.

Unfortunately, there was little to discern as to what a Quest 2 controller might look like or what kind of functionality could be provided. At the moment, the Oculus Touch controller supplied with Quest is equipped with an accelerometer and gyroscope for precise tracking with the help of the 30Hz flashes of the original touch controllers. The new Jedi driver is expected to use a 60Hz IR LED, according to McAlister’s findings, as well as potentially improving sensors and optics.

As for the overall size or shape, it is likely that the form factor of the controllers will not change much, if not entirely. This is another piece of information that we are in the dark at the moment.

Oculus Quest 2 pre-orders

At the moment, there are currently no live pre-orders for Oculus Quest 2. There hasn’t been an official announcement or discussion about the product yet, but this could happen during the aforementioned Oculus Connect 7. Product pre-orders are very likely will be published simultaneously, so we will keep an eye on any announcement events outside this particular revelation that could give way to pre-orders.

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