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Odell Beckham rejects Pats’ commercial speech, has “unfinished business”

Cam Newton has worked with Odell Beckham Jr. this low season. With the quarterback who signed up to New England this week, some have already linked the two, because every player must always be speculated as a commercial bait for the Patriots (it’s a local law).

Whether it’s innocent speculation or deep speculation, OBJ quickly dismissed the notion that it would be traded with New England.

After comedian Bob Menery tweeted “@obj in New England? Hmmmm. Welcome to New England Cam! #Doyourjob.”

; Beckham replied, “Lol no boss sir! But you all have my brother, I want nothing but the best and LUV.”

So Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Alex Wood tweeted: “@obj to the patriots before the season is over. BANK IT!” The extensive Twitter quote: “You can find me in LAND’s house! We have unfinished business.”

Speculation about Beckham never ceases. Rumors of trade swirled amid his disappointing 2019 campaign while dealing with injuries and never developed a relationship with QB Baker Mayfield. Coach Kevin Stefanski recently noted that Beckham has returned 100 percent and is ready for the training camp. Staying healthy and creating a rebound season would help Beckham and the Browns get closer to finishing that business.

Although the Patriots need a dynamic and revolutionary receiver like Beckham, the Browns don’t seem interested in exchanging OBJs; it is unlikely that Bill Belichick would separate from commercial activities to do so – he usually wanders about business; New England does not currently have room for the salary limit; and Beckham still doesn’t seem interested in leaving his best friend Jarvis Landry in Cleveland.

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