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On the violation of the rules in Rajya Sabha, Vice President Harivansh Singh sets the record straight

Eight opposition members were suspended by President Rajya Sabha for the riot.

New Delhi:

Vice President Rajya Sabha Harivansh Singh denied media reports that the rules were violated during the vote on farm invoices on September 20. In a note to the media, Singh said he would like to “put things right” and attached minute-by-minute details of events and video footage of relevant parts – during the movements of CPM’s KK Ragesh and DMK’s Tiruchy Siva. Both members’ request for a physical vote was denied and their motions were rejected after a voice vote.

“The statutory resolution disapproving of the ordinance and amendment for the reference of the bill to the select committee moved by Sri KK Ragesh were denied by the voice vote from the house at 13.07 because Sri Ragesh was in the Well of the house and not on his placed in the gallery at that time. This can be seen from the video as after calling him to move his resolution and edit, I looked at the gallery, but he was not there, “reads his note.

KK Ragesh had also tabled an amendment, which was resumed at 1.11pm. At the time, she was in her place demanding a division of the house, but was also denied by the voice vote. Rajya Sabha’s footage shows this.

Regarding Tiruchy Siva’s motion to send bills to a select committee, adopted at 1.10pm when he was in his place and calling for the division of votes, Singh’s note read: “It is true that Sri Tiruchi Shiva asked a division on his amendment by reference of his bill to the selection committee from his seat at 1.10pm. You’ll see from the same video that around 1.10pm a member was tearing up the rulebook and throwing me at me. Also I was surrounded by some hostile members, who were trying to rip papers from me.

“You will appreciate that, according to the rules and practice, to have a division, two things are essential. First there should be a request for division and equally important that there is order in the house,” the note reads.

Mr. Singh and the government had initially said that the division of the house could not be allowed as the members were not in their posts. The government had stated that the division could not take place because the house was not in order. The Vice President has asked parliamentarians thirteen times to return to their seats.

The opposition said the voice vote was held to conceal the government lacked the numbers to approve the controversial agricultural bills, which would become clear if a physical vote was held. They also accused Singh of colluding with the government.

Eight opposition members were suspended by Rajya Sabha president Venkaiah Naidu for the riot during the September 20 proceedings. The next day, Singh had offered them tea as they spent the night in protest on the parliament premises.

As opposition members rejected his offer, he drew warm appreciation from Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who tweeted: “Personally serving tea to those who attacked and insulted him a few days ago, as well as those sitting on Dharna. , it shows that Shri Harivansh Ji has been blessed with a humble mind and a big heart. ”

The opposition’s no-confidence motion against Singh was denied by Rajya Sabha’s president Venkaiah Naidu.

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