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OnePlus ditches Facebook bloatware on 8T, future versions

Following the launch of the OnePlus Nord and OnePlus 8 series, it became apparent that the company was pre-installing Facebook bloatware on its devices. Now, with a turnaround, OnePlus officially ends that practice.

In case you missed the original story, users realized earlier this year that OnePlus was pre-installing some Facebook apps on its phones. Notably, the OnePlus 8, 8 Pro and Nord, the former two are the company’s most expensive phones to date. While many of the user-facing apps from Facebook could be removed, but some behind-the-scenes services couldn’t and those could send data to the social media giant.

Obviously, the company community was not happy with that revelation and probably even lost some customers to it. Our comments section was only flooded with negativity about change.

Talking with Entrance, OnePlus has directly confirmed that Facebook services are not preloaded on the OnePlus 8T ̵

1; something we can gladly confirm on our review unit – and that future devices won’t include junk either. The company has stopped saying this is a permanent change, but the near future only contains OnePlus devices with preloaded Google, OnePlus, and Netflix apps, nothing more.

In general, actions like this are not common. After all, OnePlus was probably raising quite a bit of money from a deal with Facebook. The decision actually came directly from fan and media feedback. Specifically, an article from Entrance “He got to the top.”

This is great news, but unfortunately OnePlus had no comment or solution for OnePlus 8, 8 Pro or Nord buyers still stuck with Facebook. Shame.

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