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OnePlus Nord could launch together with these AirPods killers

OnePlus may have a couple of real wireless earbuds to pair with the next budget-oriented OnePlus Nord smartphone.

The Chinese tech company posted an image of his previous Bullets headphones with the text “What̵

7;s next online?” This would suggest that the upcoming OnePlus Bullet Headphones will finally eliminate the wire connecting the two earphones and provide fully wireless intra-ear headphones.

Rumors of this have circulated OnePlus may work on last year’s first set of wireless headsets. But this tweet gives these rumors much more credibility.

With OnePlus set to launch the OnePlus Nord phone this month, it would be a good time to also present a new pair of headphones as a potential peripheral partner to the smartphone. The North is shaping up to be a well thought out phone with a very competitive price, so we would also expect wireless earphones to be affordable for the wallet.

The previous OnePlus Bullet headphones, including OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2, have been praised for offering solid sound quality at a competitive price. But they have never really set fire to the earphones in the world, especially given that there are other truly high quality wireless earphones on the market that are also quite affordable.

But OnePlus could change it with its completely wireless earbuds, probably called OnePlus Buds. If OnePlus is capable of producing a pair of wireless earbuds that offer strong sound quality, combined with a clean design, OnePlus’s fast charging technology and a low price, then it could be a winner. Such a pair of headsets could compare to Pixel Buds 2, Galaxy Buds Plus and Apple AirPods.

We would also like to see OnePlus do something slightly different with its wireless earbuds. The bullets, for example, allowed the music to be automatically removed when the headphones were removed from the wearer’s ears and connected to each other using the magnetic back of the gems. We expect OnePlus Nord to be launched later this month, so there is a chance to discover the first truly wireless earbuds from OnePlus sooner.

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