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Orange County has reported 170 new cases and no new deaths as of Sept. 13 – Orange County Register

The Orange County Health Care Agency reported 170 new coronavirus cases as of Sunday, September 13, increasing the cumulative total to 50,930 cases.

No new deaths were reported in Orange County on Sunday, keeping the death toll at 1,093. Data on deaths in the county is compiled from death certificates or collected during case investigations and can take weeks to process, officials say.

Of the 1,093 deaths, 413 were resident in skilled nursing facilities, 75 were in assisted living facilities, and one was listed as homeless.

The breakdown of deaths by age in the county is as follows:

  • 85 years and up: 31% (336)
  • 75-84: 22% (234)
  • 65-74: 20% (221
  • 55-64: 13% (156)
  • 45-54: 9% (94)
  • 35-44: 3% (30)
  • 25-34: 1.3% (17)
  • 18-24: <1% (4)
  • 17 years and younger: 0% (1)

About 7,563 new cases of the virus have been reported since 13 August.

About 89 percent of the cumulative reported cases, or 45,197 people as of Sunday, are estimated to have recovered. The count of people who have recovered is based on the cumulative count of previous cases of 28 days.

The county reports that a total of 737,558 tests have been performed since the start of the tests and at least 5,136 tests have been reported in the past 24 hours. The Orange County test positivity rate – the proportion of tests that test positive – is approximately 4.2%.

The county reported 196 patients in hospitals Sunday, with 58 people in intensive care, with the coronavirus.

The figures released each day are preliminary and subject to change, officials point out. Further information may be available once individual case investigations are completed.

You can find the Orange County Health Care Agency dashboard here.

Hospitalizations and deaths:

Total Orange County Cases by Postcode for September 10:

Case demographics as of August 20:

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