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Oregon reaches the 3rd consecutive day of over 200 new coronavirus cases

For the third consecutive day, Oregon reported over 200 new coronavirus cases.

On Sunday, the Oregon health authority reported on 247 new coronavirus cases. The day before, there were 277 new cases and, on Friday, 250. The agency did not report any new deaths.

The number of new cases in the past seven days, 1,406, represents 17% of all Oregon coronavirus cases, which amounted to 8,341


In the past 14 days, new coronavirus cases have made up one third of the total number of cases in the state.

The record of 278 cases was established on June 16, boosted by the largest state outbreak to date in a church in Union County in northeastern Oregon.

Multnomah County has seen the highest increase of any county with 52 cases. Umatilla County had the second highest increase with 48. Marion County had the third highest with 43.

Umatilla County has seen its cases skyrocket after an outbreak in Lamb Weston, a food vendor.

Since the investigation into Lamb Weston began on June 16, Umatilla County has recorded 335 new coronavirus cases, 72% of its 467 total cases.

Officials have not provided an explanation for the large increase in cases in the past three days, but cases have increased for a month. Public health experts said the increase is the result of Oregon’s reopening, which began in most counties on May 15, and Oregonians who have not followed public health measures.

On Friday, the Oregon health authority said that residents should prepare to see the “exponential growth” of coronavirus infections in the next three weeks – with around 900-5,000 new daily infections possible in moderate to pessimistic models.

Oregon numbers reflect a national trend. According to the New York Times, more than 20 states are witnessing upward trends in new cases.

Where the numbers grew: The new cases announced on Sunday came from the following counties: Clackamas (18), Clatsop (1), Columbia (1), Deschutes (8), Jackson (9), Jefferson (3), Josephine (1), Lane (3), Lincoln (3), Malheur (11), Marion (43), Morrow (8), Multnomah (52), Polk (3), Umatilla (48), Union (2), Wasco (3), Washington (29), Yamhill (1).

Death toll: The 202 people who died were 16 counties: 69 from Multnomah, 41 from Marion, 24 from Clackamas, 20 from Washington, 12 from Polk, nine from Linn, eight from Yamhill, five from Benton, four from Umatilla, three from Lane , two from Lincoln and one each from Josephine, Malheur, Morrow, Union and Wasco.

Their ages ranged from 36 to 100. Of these, 114 men and 88 women died. All but six had basic medical conditions.

Breakdown of deaths by age: age 30-39 (1), age 40-49 (3), age 50-59 (9), age 60-69 (40), age 70-79 (55), age 80- more (95).

No new deaths were reported on Sunday.

How the disease is spreading: Part of the problem is that the contact tracers have not been able to identify the sources of a disturbing percentage of new cases: a third across the state.

In the Portland metropolitan area, they did not identify the sources of 34% of cases in Washington County, 42% in Clackamas County and 45% in Multnomah County, according to the latest data available June 15-21.

Public health officials set the target to keep this data below 30%, which they believe is needed to keep the spread of the disease under control.

Officials say that in addition to the significant percentage of unknown sources, they know that the disease is spreading through outbreaks in food processing plants, group life situations such as nursing homes and prisons and during social gatherings when friends and family get too close , do not wear masks or meet indoors.

County Case Totals: Multnomah County has passed 2,100 infections. Two counties – Marion and Washington – have more than 1,000 known coronavirus cases each, with Marion county rising rapidly to 1,500 cases. Another 11 counties – Clackamas, Deschutes, Jackson, Klamath, Lane, Lincoln, Linn, Polk, Umatilla, Union, Yamhill – have reported at least 100 coronavirus cases. Gilliam and Wheeler did not identify any of them.

Here is the total count – confirmed and presumed cases – by county: Baker (1), Benton (82), Clackamas (699), Clatsop (49), Columbia (29), Coos (40), Crook (10), Curry ( 7), Deschutes (170), Douglas (38), Grant (1), Harney (1), Hood River, (88), Jackson (106), Jefferson (97), Josephine (31), Klamath (111), Lake (13), Lane (139), Lincoln (310), Linn (140), Malheur (96), Marion (1,475), Morrow (61), Multnomah (2,139), Polk (139), Sherman (1), Tillamook (7), Umatilla (467), Union (322), Wallowa (8), Wasco (63), Washington (1,287) and Yamhill (114).

The Latin population of Oregon has been disproportionately affected by the coronavirus. Although Latins make up 13% of the state’s population, they account for about 35% of all positive cases.

test: The number of tests conducted was not immediately available on Sunday. Public health officials said, however, that the disease is spreading more. Higher numbers aren’t just because of an increase in testing.

admissions: The number of confirmed COVID-19 patients in state hospitals remained at 98 on Sunday. This has more than doubled since June 2, when hospitalizations hit a state low during the pandemic.

Currently, 39 patients are in intensive care units and 27 on ventilators.

At least 1,022 of the state’s COVID-19 patients, or 13%, were hospitalized during their illness, according to state officials.

Most – at least 750, or 73% – were at least 50 years old.

recoveries: At least 2,649 COVID-19 patients have recovered from the disease, according to the latest published numbers.

National: More than 2.5 million people have been diagnosed with the disease and 125,000 are known to have died.

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