A Delta Air Lines flight from Detroit to Los Angeles had to detour before takeoff to return to the gate when a passenger refused to wear a mask.

Delta Flight 201, scheduled to depart at 20:15 Saturday took off 47 minutes late after the passenger was escorted by Airbus A321. He arrived in Los Angeles with 84 passengers at 1:31 AM Detroit, 28 minutes late.

“We apologize to the customers on Flight 201 from DTW to LAX who returned to the gate when a customer failed to comply with the Delta mask requirement on board,”

; the airline said in a statement. “After a short delay, the flight left for Los Angeles.”

Pamela Wiley, the mother of Alexis Wiley, Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan’s chief of staff, was among the passengers on the flight. Alexis Wiley posted a short video on Twitter showing a woman in a black or navy floral dress rolling a suitcase and carrying a bag as she disembarks.

Pamela Wiley “could hear a ruckus behind her,” said Alexis Wiley. The flight attendants were kind, Pamela Wiley reported, but resolute.

The passenger had worn a mask during boarding, Pamela Wiley told her daughter, but took it off once she sat down.

Delta’s written policy requires that masks be worn at lobby check-in, sky clubs, boarding gate areas, on jet decks, and “on board the aircraft for the duration of the flight, except for one time. limited while eating or drinking “.

Aviation news website SimpleFlying.com said Delta “has expressed its opinion on its goggle policy throughout the summer. Overall, all passengers over the age of 2 and staff members are required to wear an appropriate face mask or cloth face cover over the nose and mouth when traveling with the airline. “

However, the website states, “hundreds of its customers have already been banned for refusing to follow the rules.” CBS News, citing an internal note from Delta CEO Ed Bastian, said the airline put 270 passengers on a no-fly list for masking issues.

Pamela Wiley was in Detroit to meet her weeks-old granddaughter, Aliyah Ashley, Alexis’ first daughter.

Alexis’ younger sister is scheduled for October, she said, and “it’s already scary enough for my mom to be on a plane. People’s work depends on getting the travel industry back up and running, and if it doesn’t, you’re really hurting other people. “

Delta did not respond to a question from Detroit News about whether the ejected passenger would be banned from further flights.


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