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Patriots at Chiefs score: Patrick Mahomes rallies after early fights, Hoyer on the bench for Jarrett Stidham

The Kansas City Chiefs remain perfect in the season, moving to 4-0 to start 2020 after defeating the New England Patriots (2-2), 26-10, at Arrowhead Stadium. The final score doesn’t quite paint the picture of how close this game was as it wasn’t exactly the sharpest night for reigning Super Bowl champions. However, it was enough to get the W.

Patrick Mahomes struggled early, but came late, helping Kansas City on back-to-back touchdown drives for the past two quarters to truly separate from New England. As for those Patriots, it was an offensively tough night when Brian Hoyer took over from Cam Newton, who was sidelined for this matchup after testing positive for COVID-1

9. He completed 15 of his 24 passes for just 130 yards, no touchdowns, one pick and one fumble before being replaced by second-year quarterback Jarrett Stidham.

Both defenses played well in this one as each was able to create turnovers and allow a total of 16 points in the first three quarters, but the Kansas City offense woke up just in time to defeat Bill Belichick and company. . As we put this game in the books, check out our main takeaways below.

Because Kansas City won

The Chiefs were able to withstand a difficult start in attack and flip the switch at the end of the second half. After the defense recovered a Brian Hoyer fumble in the third, Patrick Mahomes led Kansas City on an 85-yard drive that resulted in their first touchdown of the game. This triggered back-to-back touchdown units for Andy Reid’s attack, which was enough for the defense to help put aside a Patriots offense. Speaking of that defense, they were able to create four turnovers overnight, including a Tyrann Mathieu pick-six to completely wipe out any kind of talk about a comeback with Jarrett Stidham in the middle of the Patriots.

While it wasn’t one of his strongest performances, Mahomes was able to finish with a 236-yard pass and a completion rate of 65 with two touchdowns. He also rushed for 28 yards. Rookie running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire probably had his best play since the opening, running for 64 yards and capturing all three of his targets for an additional 27 yards.

Because New England has lost

The Patriots have surprisingly fought, which is rare for a Bill Belichick team. The first example occurred during the Kansas City game’s opening drive when security Devin McCourty dropped what may have been the easiest interception opportunity he will have in his career. The Chiefs ultimately weren’t able to take full advantage of that missed opportunity, but came out with a field goal.

The next two mistakes were at the hands of Brian Hoyer. With time running out before the half, the Patriots starter took a lot in third and 9 instead of throwing the ball away. This forced the clock to score triple zero for the half and the Patriots – who were within the Chiefs 10-yard line – to walk away with zero points. The nail in the coffin on Hoyer’s night came on a striped sack that also occurred deep in Kansas City territory, which then pushed Jarrett Stidham under center.

New England’s last significant flub – and the one that ultimately proved to make a difference – was a Stidham-delivered pass that hit Julian Edelman’s hands. The veteran catcher failed to pull him in, the ball was overturned and picked up by Tyrann Mathieu, who took it 25 yards into the end zone to give Kansas City the 26-10 lead. That was essentially ball game.

Turning point

After a difficult start to the game, Brian Hoyer seemed to be getting in a bit of pace in the third quarter. He completed five of his six passes for 57 yards as he led the New England offense to the Kansas City five-yard line. It was at that point, however, that the veteran quarterback made his second turnover in the game, fumbling at the Kansas City 16-yard line.

The Chiefs bounced back and worked out to go on a seven-game 85-yard round that resulted in a Tyreek Hill landing reception. Hoyer was replaced by Stidham on his subsequent trip to New England.

Game play

While the Patriots were on the losing side of this match, Jarrett Stidham undoubtedly had the shot of the night: a fade to N’Keal Harry in the corner of the end zone for the team’s first touchdown of the match. This was Stidham’s first drive when he landed for Brian Hoyer on the bench, who deserves some credit considering the lack of repetition he received throughout the week. He finished with just 60 yards to pass, that touchdown and two interceptions, but that pass could have been a little flash of potential for the long haul.

Damien Harris’ 41-yard run on this course also deserves serious consideration after his second-year comeback impressed in his early start of 2020, running 100 yards into the night.

What’s next

From here, the Patriots will return to Foxborough and prepare to host the Denver Broncos at Gillette Stadium ahead of week 6 bye week. As for the Chiefs, they will stay at Arrowhead Stadium and await the visit of the Las Vegas Raiders. This game with New England has started a tough time for the reigning Super Bowl champions as they are in the midst of a short week getting ready for Las Vegas and then they will visit the Buffalo Bills on Thursday Night Football to start week 6. They are three games in just over a week.

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