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Patriots Mailbag: Could Josh Rosen Be New England’s QB Of The Future? | New England Patriots

Sunday will be cold, so if you're at Gillette Stadium, wear your warmest parka.

Unfortunately, the latest forecasts do not require rainfall during the New England Patriots' playoff game against the Los Angeles Chargers, and the snow games are fun. A single bow could have been the patriot's dagger against a west coast team accustomed to sunny California.

Chargers have enjoyed travel this season. They are 7-1 away and 9-0 outside of Los Angeles County, but the Patriots are undefeated at home, and the Chargers have not yet played in freezing temperatures.

That's why I'll take patriots on Sunday. Let's go into this week's collector.

See BB trading for Rosen if Kingsbury decides to write Murray?

1; @daltonringey
It is almost unbelievable that almost a year later we are still talking about Josh Rosen.

I think everyone could actually take Kliff Kingsbury's comments about wanting to write Kyler Murray No. 1 in general a little too seriously. First of all, Kingsbury is not the general manager. This is Steve Keim's work. Secondly, Kingsbury was practically just praising Murray at the time. I'm not sure if we should take his comments so literally.

But, if the Cardinals do the draft of Murray No. 1 in general, and they are open to shopping Rosen, then yes, obviously the Patriots should reach its availability. Rosen had a difficult season with the Cardinals, but if he came to New England and had a year or more to work under Tom Brady, then it could be a different story the next time he went to the center in an NFL game. However, I would not pay the overpayment – throw a pick in the first round and see what Rosen can do.

The Patriots showed interest in Rosen before the 2018 NFL draft.

It is worth noting that the Patriots already have one of Rosen's favorite goals under contract in the former UCLA receiver, Darren Andrews, who spent the 2018 season in the list of non-football injuries. He tore his ACL in the middle of his senior season 2017.

@DougKyed #MailDoug I think the @Patriots will need to score more than 24 points to win this game. Where / from whom do you see the offensive production? #GoPats
– @KenMcCartney
I think this will be a great game by James White. I think it comes back to being heavily used now that the Patriots are in the postseason. I also could see one of Chris Hogan or Phillip Dorsett having a great game. The strength of the Chargers' secondary is in the middle with Desmond King and Derwin James. I think the patriots can exploit the perimeter defenders Michael Davis and Casey Hayward. I also think the Patriots can attack the deep part of the camp when Jahleel Addae and Rayshawn Jenkins are back there.

Julian Edelman will get his goals, but he has a tough match against King. I'm not sure how Rob Gronkowski will be effective in this game if he attracts James frequently. He could definitely beat the Chargers linebackers when they are on the field, though. Linebackers Kyle Emanuel and Hayes Pullard are the weak points in the otherwise balanced defense of the Chargers.

Do you think the Patriots join Gilmore 1 on 1 with Keenan? Or Gilmore's shadow to Mike Williams and Jackson or Jason McCourty bring Keenan in security?
– @ Patriots_Andrew
If I'm the Patriots, I put Stephon Gilmore on Keenan Allen. The best performances of Gilmore this season have turned to large large receivers.

It almost seems that he was pleased when he covers the pass-catchers or when he is not stalking a particular receiver. He left the touchdowns to Donte Moncrief, Kenny Golladay, Marvin Jones, Corey Davis and Brice Butler this season, while he did not give scores to guys like DeAndre Hopkins, Allen Robinson, Davante Adams, Stefon Diggs and Antonio Brown.

I would at least start Gilmore on Allen, and if you have to fit halfway through the game, do it.

I'm not sure it's important how you cover Mike Williams and Tyrell Williams with JC Jackson and Jason McCourty. I could put Jackson on Mike Williams because he's more of a goal threat and the rookie cornerback has not allowed a touchdown throughout the season. This leaves McCourty to Tyrell Williams, who has a slightly lower side than Mike.

Let's make quick fire.

@DougKyed #maildoug. drink 2 and a half hours of energy. do you get 5 hours of super energy or 10 hours of regularly high energy levels?
– @oko
Five excellent hours and probably a heart attack.

if the patriots had to update their uniforms, should they go back to red with Pat Patriot as a logo, or do something completely new? #maildoug
– @CB_ReadinTweets
I think they would update the red Pat Patriot uniforms. Imagine the current color rushes of the Patriots, but make them red.

I already asked you before and you answered. However! With the recent news of Murray could enter the draft, how high should the Seven patriots draw Sion? I would say try to take it to 32. This way you can still have the fifth year option here. #MailDoug
– @Castles_Burning
Not yet suitable. Also, play basketball.

#MailDoug Simple question: @ RobParkerFS1 or @ShannonSharpe?
– @rafalzochowski
Shannon Sharpe, I think.

Do you think Stephen Anderson comes out on the field for offensive apologies on Sunday? Can it have an impact? #MailDoug
– @ SenecaDavid1
This is indeed a good question. I think it could be active. Unless the Patriots really wanted to sign those two additional players to their practice team, there is no other reason why they would have added Anderson to the list of 53 men and put Jacob Hollister in the wounded reserve.

@DougKyed How many players can a team sign for future contracts? #MailDoug
– @Proudred_devil
Unlimited as long as they remain under the limit of 90 men for the offseason.

Danny Etling (sp?) Does he have any potential to be an appetizer?
– @ JimCos1
I think it has the potential to be a backup. I will need to see more from him to declare him a future initiator in the NFL.

See that someone from the practice team is activated during the playoffs?
– @RommelRoo
No, I think the team is quite ready for now after adding Anderson.

@DougKyed thinks that if the pats lose a playoff game or a super bowl this year McDaniels will take the place of BB
– @kevindotbox
I think there would be a higher chance of what happens if the Patriots won the Super Bowl.

Best free agent of the patriots, Adam Humphries or Devin Funchess?
– @trent_abshirexx

@DougKyed Hunter Henry or Stephen Anderson? Who do you think will play a more important role in the game? #MailDoug
– @ r_lopes12

Do you like emotrap?
– @themindbottler
No, but my friend Mike Magann is.

Do you think Chad O & # 39; Shea will leave the patriots for a job of OC elsewhere? #MailDoug
– @JeffWIIM
Hmm, this is not a bad question. Maybe if a team is willing to wait to fill that role until the Patriots are out of the playoffs.

Like Claude Julien, is it fair to suggest that even Belichick has lost a step and is not in touch with the speed and athleticism you see throughout the championship? The intelligence of football is no longer enough. #MailDoug
Oh boy. Ok guys. It was fun. Take the next week.

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