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People are already buying the Chromecast without Google’s warning

Google Chromecast leak

  • Google’s Android TV-based Chromecast is already on sale in stores like Home Depot and Walmart.
  • The unannounced $ 50 dongle uses a renamed platform, Google TV.
  • It may be available right after Google’s September 30 event.

No matter the leaks from the retail box – Google’s Android TV-based Chromecast seems to be available in stores already, at least if you’re willing to look for it. The Verge and Reddit users managed to purchase the “Sabrina” dongle at select Home Depot and Walmart stores days before its scheduled debut at Google’s September 30 event.

The purchases confirm the few secrets left for the devices. The new Chromecast uses Google TV, a rebranded version of Android TV, and is expected to be affordable at $ 50. Sales have even confirmed the codename Sabrina – receipts described it as “SABRINA-ABBEY ROCK CANDY.” The retailers clearly did not yet have an official name for the products.

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Don’t expect to buy the device online yet. The Google device does not appear on Internet systems and at the moment appears to be available only in person. Since there is a pandemic, you may want to wait instead of traveling from shop to shop to track down a unit.

The updated Chromecast won’t be extremely powerful. It should have a modest quad-core chip, 2GB of RAM, about 4.4GB of storage. It’s powerful enough to play 4K videos with HDR, however, and a Reddit user confirmed that Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision worked fine. It’s still a big upgrade – Chromecast Ultra started out at a higher price without HDR and depended on your phone.

You should hear a lot more about the Android TV-based Chromecast at Google’s event. If these findings in the store are any indication, however, the hardware may be available soon after unveiling.

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