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Photo: this is what the first night of the “surprise” fireworks looked like

The official five-minute week of fireworks-legal-shows-happening-in-undisclosed-places-at-undisclosed-times-in-town-as-for-better- “delight” -people- already-on- started from months of life during a pandemic and weeks of lasting illegal fireworks at any time of the day! The first salvo of Macy’s July 4th fireworks extravaganza occurred just before 10pm. on the East River off Long Island City on Monday evening, and in Coney Island.

Some people were really happy about it, despite the much-mocked surprise plan.

Others … not so much.

While the LIC’s fireworks attracted more attention, probably due to the news of the location coming out at 7pm, Macy also sneaked in to a second display on Coney Island, which you can see below.

A photo of fireworks on Coney Island on June 29, 2020

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Fireworks in Coney Island on June 29, 2020

John Huntington

Macy’s will be making short fireworks without warning in each neighborhood throughout the week, culminating in a two-hour July 4 television special on Saturday, showing all five displays along with a tribute to healthcare workers and first responders, plus “something very special” at the Empire State Building.

The locations and times of each display will not be revealed until just before they are set to start – according to Macy’s, this will discourage crowds from gathering, and there will be geographically targeted notifications issued by the City to residents in the vicinity of each display just before to begin. “Last night, the announcement took place around 8:00 pm through Notification in New York, so check that account later today to find out if your neighborhood currently has legal or only illegal fireworks.

And if you notice the fireworks in your area, you can share your photos and videos at tips@gothamist.com.

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