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Police disrupt mass meeting at ‘Jersey Shore’ home

Hundreds of people showed up at a rental home best known as the backdrop to MTV’s “Jersey Shore,” prompting police to disband the rally that violated state health codes, authorities said Tuesday.

Revelers cheered on YouTube characters, the Nelk Boys, Monday night at the 1209 Boardwalk rental property in Seaside Heights, New Jersey.

The house is best known as the summer digs of JWoww, Sweetheart, The Situation, Pauly D, Vinny, Ronnie and Snooki, star of “Jersey Shore,” which ran for six seasons between 2009 and 2012.

Outdoor gatherings in New Jersey must be limited to 500 people, who are socially spaced out, according to state coronavirus guidelines. Crowds had built up all day and were finally dispersed after 9pm. ET, witnesses said.

At the peak of Monday̵

7;s meeting, more than a thousand people were packed outside, much to the chagrin of Seaside Mayor Anthony Vaz, who is already wary of the party-goer reputation his community has developed thanks to “Jersey Shore.”

“We will not tolerate this or this type of thing that will disrupt an image that we are trying to correct,” Vaz told NBC News on Tuesday. “It was shocking to me.”

On Monday night, the Nelk Boys were using that house to celebrate the launch of a website that sells the group’s branded clothing.

The group posted an Instagram footage of the event and opened the front door to show the police lights and hundreds of people outside, most of whom appear to be crowded and without masks.

The owner of the house, Daniel Merk, was in the background of that video and seemed to be telling his renters that the party had to end.

“Get your shit, get out of here guys,” Merk said. “Time to go.”

Merk told NBC News Tuesday that he rented his home to YouTube personalities believing it was only used for a small gathering to launch the group’s site.

“They have a lot of passionate fans and have followed them,” Merk said. “I was not prepared for this, the city was not prepared for this.”

No one was arrested or immediately sued, but Merk said he expected some sort of civil penalty on the way.

“There will definitely be consequences from this,” he said. “I’ll definitely be in trouble for this.”

Vaz said Merk may have his license to rent out the retired property during Monday night’s incident, and the mayor has pledged to have the Nelk Boys cover the police bills.

Representatives from the New Jersey Governor’s Office, State Health Department, and Nelk Boys could not be immediately contacted on Tuesday for comment.

Helen Kwong contributed.

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