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Power Rangers organizes an UN THINKING betrayal in the world of Drakkon

Power Rangers’ shocking conclusion Drakkon: New Dawn # 2 could change the course of Power Rangers history.

ATTENTION: The following contains spoilers for Power Rangers Drakkon: New Dawn # 2 by Anthony Burch, Simone Ragazzoni, Raul Angulo and Ed Dukshire, on sale now.

The Power Rangers have just suffered a previously unthinkable betrayal at the hands of one of their oldest allies and the consequences reach everyone. Eventually they unmasked the Unknown Ranger, and he was none other than the first Red Ranger, Jason Lee Scott. After being cut from his metal armor by Finster 5, Jason is reunited with Trini, Zack and Kimberly after nearly a decade apart. He is relieved to hear the news that Lord Drakkon is officially gone, but immediately enters attack mode when Adam runs into the room.

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After being snatched from Adam by Kimberly, Jason wonders why any of them would join the likes of Ranger Sentries or Scorpina. Before a proper answer can be given, or before a proper meeting can be made, Adam informs everyone that the meteor that was picked up by their scanners is not a meteor at all. Eclipta is well on its way to testing their defenses before the Dark Wraith invasion, acting as the confident Lord Drakkon would have put in place if Jason ever escaped.

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Jason suggests returning the Power Coins to their original owners to stop Eclipta and her minions on the battlefield. This causes yet another riff among the group, as warnings of what will happen are thrown at Jason, to whom he can only reply that the Sentinels Ranger are a reaction to the fear instilled in the remaining Power Rangers by Lord Drakkon. After listening to everyone, Kimberly decides that she will need her armies to stop Eclipta and that the Power Coins already in the Diffuser will stay where they are to power the Sentinels Ranger. Jason, disappointed with Kim’s decision, decides to leave rather than lend his support to someone he now accuses of being a fascist. With no time to try to convince Jason otherwise, Kimberly tells the others to prepare for battle.

Kimberly, Zack, Trini and Adam meet Eclipta and her Quantron army on the battlefield and the action begins almost immediately. Even after taking a volley from Kim’s bow directly in the face, Eclipta proves too strong, grabbing the Ranger Slayer and slamming her to the ground. Zack, Trini and Scorpina directly attack Eclipta before she can kill Kimberly, and all are easily pushed aside before Adam catches her by surprise. Just as he is about to deliver the killing blow, his sword dematerializes, along with the armor and weapons of himself and every other Ranger Sentry. Eclipta takes the opportunity to kill Adam in front of his friends and forces the rest of the Rangers and their allies to retreat.

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Power Rangers Drakkon Red Ranger

Survivors now find themselves not only wavering over the loss of their friend, but also trying to stop the city from literally destroying itself, as everyone who previously had Ranger powers is left on a playing field on par with those. who want to see the Sentinels Ranger suffer. As Zack and Trini try to create some peace between the two sides, they are shocked to find that Jason is wearing his Red Ranger armor, having taken all the coins of power from the diffuser. This action caused the loss of powers that led to Adam’s death, but Jason may not be worried even if he is aware of it, and that may be the scariest part of the whole thing.

Jason Lee Scott, the original lineup’s first Red Ranger, someone who was a shining beacon of everything the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers embodied, has apparently moved on. Jason is intent on reforming the Power Rangers as he once knew them, offering Zack and Trini the chance to join him, though in no time does he recognize the chaos unfolding around them. It certainly raises the question: if Jason is willing to claim Power Coins without considering the consequences, is he still one of the good guys?

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