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Prince Charles admits that he will be a “different” monarch from Queen Elizabeth when she ascends the throne

Prince Charles has been preparing to become king for his entire life. But he has rarely talked about how we will approach his new role when he takes the throne. As speculation continues on how Charles will handle his role as monarch, he has subtly hinted over the years that he will be “different” than his mother, Queen Elizabeth.

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Prince Charles will automatically become king when Queen Elizabeth dies

Queen Elizabeth is 94 years old and has served as the British monarch for 68 years. Despite rumors of a possible abdication, it appears he will remain on the throne for the rest of his life.

According to Express, as soon as the queen passes, Charles will automatically become king. But there is a long process he must go through before he is crowned. At 72, Prince Charles is the oldest apparent heir in British history. When the time comes to ascend the throne, he will have to follow secular laws for membership.

The Constitution Unit of University College London outlined the long process. They made it clear that Charles becomes king the moment the queen dies. They also note that the monarch need not have a coronation.

Politics and British monarchy usually don’t mix

When Charles celebrated his 60th birthday in 2008, he briefly talked about his future as king. According to Express, he explained that his function would be to bring people together to focus on issues. When asked if he would continue to support the themes, he said, “I don’t know. Probably not in the same way.”

As a monarch, Prince Charles should remain politically neutral. However, he came close to crossing that line as the Prince of Wales.

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“I tried to make sure everything I did was non-party political. But I think it’s crucial to remember that there is only room for one ruler at a time, not two. So you can’t be the same as the ruler if you’re the prince of Wales or the heir, “he said in a 2018 documentary,

Prince Charles once revealed that he intends to be a “different” monarch

Charles said in 2010 that he views the role of the monarch “in a different way” from those that preceded him. Many have wondered if this means that he will be more outspoken than his apolitical mother on the issues facing the Commonwealth.

The Prince of Wales has been politically active in the past when it comes to matters that matter to him. When Tony Blair was Prime Minister, Charles lobbied the Labor government on numerous issues.

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He called for a high school expansion, a different approach to GM crops and climate change, and an introduction of free medicine to the NHS.

Charles’ friend and advisor Patrick Holden says the future king understands the need to be careful about how he asks questions and expresses concerns. He explained that Prince Charles is part of an “ever-changing monarchy in evolution”. And he will talk about issues that are “too serious to ignore”.

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