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Random: The Pokémon company reloads its Pokémon Unite videos again and fans are not happy

Last month, when The Pokémon Company revealed its new online battle game Pokémon UniteEagle-eyed sneakers noted that the Nintendo Switch featured in the promotional trailer was not reproduced correctly.

The Pokémon company has now fixed this editing error (as can be seen above), but in the meantime, it has deleted all existing videos. Singapore’s official Pokémon YouTube channel confirms this:

Due to inaccuracies in the footage, we have corrected the video and reloaded.

The original Pokémon Unite presentation video – which gathered over 150,000 dislikes in less than a day – has also been privatized.

To put things in perspective, the latest revelation from The Pokémon Company managed to overcome Nintendo̵

7;s E3 2015 announcement: Metroid Prime: Federation Force for 3DS, which to date has over 90,000 dislikes.

As you can imagine, The Pokémon Company’s decision to reload all of its Pokémon Unite videos has infuriated only a few fans. Again, the amount of “dislikes” on each of these videos is rapidly exceeding the number of “likes”.

Here is one of the many comments under the markups:

Video Vera22 We don’t like what has become The Pokemon Company, how would you understand? In this way, deleting old videos and reloading them only proves that you don’t care about the fans, you only care about the image. Is sad.

While many Pokémon fans believe The Pokemon Company did it because he is worried about his “image”, Serebii.net webmaster Joe Merrick thinks that if he were so worried about welcoming fans to Unite, he would have already taken action. :

If they wanted to remove the dislikes, they would just disable them

What are your thoughts on all this? Did you give Pokémon Unite a thumbs up or a thumbs down when you first saw it? Leave a comment below.

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