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Ron Rivera of the Washington Football Team

ASHBURN, Virginia – Washington Football Team manager Ron Rivera said Dwayne Haskins remains in his plans, despite being benched earlier this week.

“I’ve never given up on him,” Rivera said.

Washington benched Haskins in favor of Kyle Allen for Sunday’s game against the Los Angeles Rams. Haskins will be the number 3 quarterback, behind Alex Smith. The move represents a major pivot as Rivera previously stated he would stay with Haskins throughout the growing process.

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But he also made it clear last week that he wanted to see more progress. Haskins’ lack of progress in many areas of the game, coupled with playing in a division that could be won with a record under .500, prompted Rivera to turn to Allen.

Washington enlisted Haskins with the fifteenth overall pick in 201

9 with the idea that it would sit him all season, according to multiple sources. But due to injuries and a bad record, Haskins ended up starting seven games. Haskins took every first team representative on training camp and was officially named the owner in late August.

In four games, Haskins scored the NFL’s lowest total QBR (30.9), which measures a quarterback’s impact on the game. Despite pitching for 314 yards in week 4, Haskins had the NFL’s second-lowest QBR total at 31.5. He finished last in the league by percentage of completion on pitches that traveled 5 yards or more (43.6).

Part of what Washington now wants to see: How Haskins responds to what some in the organization say is the first real adversity he faced as a quarterback. For now, the way he can respond is to study more and do mental repetitions in practice.

“A big part of it is watching and studying,” Rivera said. “Like today, he was there behind the quarterback watching the reps, looking down. Just being involved, keeping in touch, which is important.

Allen spent two years in Carolina with Rivera and current Washington offensive coordinator Scott Turner. Rivera wanted to hold a quarterback competition this summer, but the lack of a preseason sank those plans. He also said that the lack of a regular offseason, plus no preseason games, hindered Haskins’ growth and made Allen’s knowledge of Turner’s offense more valuable.

“There are things Dwayne was still learning to do that Kyle knows in terms of communicating with the offensive line,” Rivera said. “It’s something as we go through this and progress, Dwayne will learn and see how these things are done.”

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