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Ryder Cup at Whistling Straits postponed to 2021 amid the coronavirus pandemic, according to reports

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Reaction: the Ryder Cup would have been postponed until 2021

After months of dismay and posture – and even a change in qualifying from the United States – reportedly, the right call will be made Wednesday for the 2020 Ryder Cup which will be hosted in the Whistling Strait. A major golfing event will be brought to 2021

amid the coronavirus pandemic, largely due largely to the likelihood that fans would not have been able to participate in the battle between the United States and Europe.

The PGA of America and the European Tour were expected to make the announcement official on Wednesday, but sources reported to ESPN and SportsBusiness Journal that the Ryder Cup will actually be moved to 2021 with the Presidents Cup going back one year to 2022.

The 2021 Ryder Cup will still be held at the end of September in the Whistling Strait. The next Ryder Cup, set for Rome, will probably go to 2023 to ensure that the rotation of the event remains at two years.

It was speculated that the event could be reproduced in consecutive years so that the European Tour, which makes many of its entries from this event, could remain on a more coherent cycle. Apparently this will not be the case.

Golfers around the world were asked if the Ryder Cup should be played if fans were not allowed to participate, and they categorically rejected the idea considering that spectators play such an important role in the atmosphere of the event. Many insisted that it would be ridiculous to hold a Ryder Cup in such conditions.

“[It’s] not a Ryder Cup [without fans]. He comes from a European, he goes to America, knowing that I will be abused, “said Rory McIlroy in April.” Of course, it would be better for Europeans to play without fans because we wouldn’t deal with some things you have to endure, but at the same time, it wouldn’t be a great show. There would be no atmosphere. So if I decide if they don’t choose not to play the Ryder Cup without playing it, I would say I would delay it for a year. “

The last time the Ryder Cup was hit one year was in 2001, after the attack on the World Trade Center in New York. That Ryder Cup was to be played later in September 2001 at The Belfry, but was instead pushed out for 12 months. In that case, the players and captains who had already been selected for 2001 were retained for 2002. At this point, it is not known how the qualifications will continue for 2021.

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