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Samsung Leak Reveals New Gorgeous Galaxy Smartphones

Samsung’s Galaxy S21 will be arriving surprisingly soon and not only has Samsung confirmed the new models, but now we also know that they will have great new designs.

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The first is Samsung, which was good enough to confirm the Galaxy S21 for the first time after the company submitted the phone for certification through China’s public 3C certification program. The certification confirms that the model number is “SM-G9910”, the Galaxy S20 model number is “SM-G981.

Then comes the juicy part. Famous smartphone leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer (aka @OnLeaks) poured the motherlode on his profile on the new Voice social network. In four separate posts, Hemmerstoffer revealed Samsung’s new designs for the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 Ultra, and 360-degree videos of both phones. And there is a lot to like.

The most eye-catching change is that Samsung will equip the range with radically overhauled camera cases that subtly fit the side of each phone. It’s unlike anything I’ve seen in smartphone design and looks stunning. That said, the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s camera housing is huge, taking up almost half the width of the phone, and fits no less than four cameras plus the flash.

Interestingly, Hemmerstoffer notes that Samsung could fit two zoom cameras and does not rule out the S-Pen holder (which has been heavily flipped), although neither the Galaxy S21 nor the S21 Ultra have a dedicated slot for an S-Pen in their. leaked design.

In addition to this, Hemmerstoffer’s drawings show steps forward and backward. The Galaxy S21 Ultra is a big step forward with virtually no bezels, but the Galaxy S21 appears to have thicker (albeit more symmetrical) bezels than its predecessor. This could mean that Samsung is continuing the unpopular policy introduced with the Galaxy Note 20 line of downgrading the entry-level model to sell its more expensive stablemate. I hope not.

In terms of size, Hemmerstoffer reveals that the Galaxy S21 Ultra will have a display ranging from 6.7 to 6.9 inches (the S20 Ultra uses a 6.9-inch panel) and measures 165.1 x 75. , 6 x 8.9mm (10.8mm with camera bump) – making it slightly smaller than its predecessor. While the Galaxy S21 matches the S20 with a 6.2-inch display and virtually identical measurements of 151.7 x 71.2 x 7.9mm (9.0mm with camera bump).

And Hemmerstoffer closes by confirming the big news leaked earlier this week: Samsung will step up the rollout of these phones by several months. That said, he believes it will be early January rather than December. Either way, Apple’s new iPhone 12 range will face competition from next-generation smartphones much earlier than usual, and given that the range has several eye opening limits, it’s a good time for Samsung to be more aggressive.

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