Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders announces his entry into the crowded 2020 democratic camp for the presidency.

WASHINGTON – Vermont Sen campaign workers Bernie Sanders voted for unionization on Friday, becoming what is probably the first presidential campaign staff in history to organize.

The majority of the Democratic staff has joined the union, which means that all current and future employees will be part of the bargaining process to get better salaries and benefits. The workers, all under the title of deputy director, will be represented by the local 400 of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW), which represents about 35,000 employees in six states and in the District of Columbia.

Jonathan Williams, spokesman for the UFCW, said he knew the Sanders campaign was the first to come together in history, marking a new path that could be used for campaigns in the years to come.

"The best time to join a union is always now," Williams said. "The high standards of work should be the standard and I will certainly invite every presidential campaign to look towards the leadership that the Bernie Sanders campaign has shown." MORE : Sanders signs the commitment to loyalty for the offer of 2020

Williams said that the next steps are for the workers to start negotiations, something that has said it should happen very soon due to being a campaign. UFCW said the deal could grow to over 1,000 workers during Sanders' 2020 campaign. Employees who go to the White House, should Sanders win, would not be union members.


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"I hope this change will serve as a model for other presidential campaigns as well as party committees and candidates for other offices", UFCW President local 400, Mark Federici, stated in a statement. "While political campaigns are not the simplest work environment, every worker has the right to respect and dignity."

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In January, Sanders apologized after several women claimed that allegations of sexual violence within his campaign were not adequately addressed during his 2016 bid.

Le Allegations of more women who worked on the Sanders campaign emerged in the New York Times, which criticized Sanders' campaign for not adequately addressing episodes of sexual harassment, sexist abuse and paying inequalities between men and women.


Sen. Bernie Sanders outlined the government's principles during his first rally of the 2020 presidential campaign, held in Brooklyn.

On CNN, Sanders apologized to "every woman who feels like she is not treated appropriately". When asked if he had been aware of the complaints, Sanders said: "I was a little busy running around the country trying to solve the case (being elected president)".

The accusations and his perception of not being able to correct the problems, the workers of the campaign told the Times, question whether he can fight for the interests of women if he is still looking for the presidency.

"I have no intention of sitting here and we say that we have done everything right in terms of human resources, in terms of responding to the needs I have heard from now, that women felt they were not respected, that they were sexual harassment that had not been treated as effectively as possible "Sanders told CNN.

UFCW Sanders said # 39; the campaign remained neutral in the unionization process. Sanders' campaign manager, Faiz Shakir, wrote on Twitter that the campaign was "very proud" of the union commitment.

"Bernie Sander is the most pro-union candidate in the industry, he will be the most pro-union president in the White House and we are honored that his campaign will be the first to have a unionized workforce," Shakir said.

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