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Singapore Airlines could launch flights to nowhere

Singapore Airlines’ next destination could be … nowhere.

Singapore Airlines considers flights to nowhere

Singapore has extremely strict entry requirements at the moment, so the vast majority of foreigners cannot visit, and similarly, Singaporeans don’t travel overseas much at the moment. Obviously this has put the national airline in a difficult situation, as it only operates a small percentage of its regular service.

The Straits Times reports that Singapore Airlines is considering launching “flights to nowhere”

; to allow Singaporeans to board a plane without actually leaving the country. Based on what we know so far:

  • The flights would last around three hours and would take off and land at Singapore Changi Airport
  • Singapore Airlines could launch these flights as early as the end of October

It is not yet known how many of these flights would be operated, which aircraft would be used, what the service would be like on board (hopefully Singapore Airlines has a lot of excess Dom and Krug ?!) and how much the tickets would cost.

Could these flights have Dom and Krug ?!

However, the airline seems to think it could make money. Last month it was announced that Singaporeans would receive $ 320 million in “tourism credits” to be used to boost the local economy. The airline allegedly hopes to work with the Singapore Tourism Board so that people can use their vouchers for these flights.

Which aircraft would Singapore Airlines use for these flights?

A few more thoughts …

Singapore Airlines wouldn’t be the first airline to offer flights to nowhere. We have already seen other airlines offer similar concepts: All Nippon Airways operated an A380 flight to nowhere, while EVA Air operated a Hello Kitty flight to nowhere.

Those flights that have been operated have been extremely popular, given the novelty, and also as people are generally excited to travel again, and getting on a plane can be a part of it.

At the same time, as environmentalism is an increasingly important topic in the aviation industry, am I the only one surprised that I have not seen more backlash on these flights? I’m not saying it necessarily should be there, but so far I have hardly heard anything negative about these flights, which … surprises me.

EVA Air operated Hello Kitty flights to nowhere

Bottom line

Singapore Airlines is seriously considering launching flights to nowhere as early as next month. If that happens, I can’t wait to see the details, like what the onboard service will be like, how many flights there will be, etc.

Would you take a “flight to nowhere?”

(Tip of the hat to SINJim)

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