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Singer Helen Reddy, known for “I Am Woman”, dies at 78 in Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES (KABC) – Australian singer Helen Reddy, best known for the feminist anthem “I Am Woman”, has died at the age of 78 in Los Angeles.

Over a career spanning nearly four decades, Reddy has released 18 studio albums, with eight hits reaching # 1 on Billboard’s contemporary adult chart. He has also acted in films and musicals and made several television appearances. He announced his retirement in 2002, but later made a few appearances at a comeback concert.

Reddy was most closely associated with “I Am Woman” on her debut album in 1971. The song with its reference to “Hear me roar” celebrated women’s emancipation and made her an icon of the feminist movement.

The singer has enjoyed a prolific career, appearing on “Airport 1

975” as a singer nun and recording several hits, including “Ain’t No Way To Treat a Lady”, “Delta Dawn”, “Angie Baby” and “You and Me Against the World. “

Reddy died a few weeks after the release of a movie about her life called “I Am Woman”.

Reddy’s children, Traci and Jordan, have announced that the actor-singer passed away on Tuesday in Los Angeles.

“She was a wonderful mother, grandmother and a truly terrific woman,” they said in a statement. “Our hearts are broken. But we take comfort in the knowledge that his voice will live forever.”

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