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South Carolina 27 – No. 14 Auburn 19; 4th quarter

(Photo: South Carolina Athletics)

South Carolina football hosts the No. 1

Auburn Tigers on Saturday. 14 for the midday kickoff at Williams-Brice Stadium on ESPN. The Gamecocks (1-2) return home after two consecutive away games, a defeat in Florida and a win at Vanderbilt. The Tigers (2-1) are getting a home win over Arkansas, decided in the last minute of play.

Dave Pasch will serve as the play-by-play voice for ESPN with Greg McElroy providing the analysis. Holly Rowe will handle the side reports.

This is the 13th all-time meeting between South Carolina and Auburn, with the Tigers holding a 10-1-1 lead, including a 3-0 record when games were played in Columbia and a 4 -0 when the teams met in Auburn. The last time they met, South Carolina went to the Jordan-Hare stadium and pushed the number 5/6 Auburn to the brink of a shooting before falling 42-35 on October 25, 2014.

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– Looks like Gamecocks will be without cornerbacks Israel Mukuamu and Cam Smith today. Both were not seen when the entire team was warming up 30 minutes until kick-off.

– A new pair of offensive tackles appear to debut today. Jazston Turnetine (tackle left) and Dylan Wonnum (tackle right) were announced as starters when the lineups were shown on the Williams-Brice Stadium video card.

– Freshman quarterback / wide receiver Luke Doty was snapping warm-up shots with receivers while Collin Hill and Ryan Hilinski were doing quarterback reps.

– Today’s Gamecock Captains: Nick Muse, Brad Johnson, Shi Smith and Ernest Jones.

– Auburn wins the coin flip and chooses to delay. Gamecocks will receive.


– The opening kickoff is valid for a touchback. Kevin Harris takes the first carry and gets a yard. Harris carries again, gets two more yards. On 3 and 7, deep ball contested for Xavier Legette falls incomplete. Legette put a hand on it. Kai Kroeger’s punt takes a good rebound and is knocked down by the Carolina special teamers at the 20-yd line.

– The game opening for the Tigers is a flea flicker attempt for Anthony Schwartz, but it’s incomplete. Tank Bigsby is stopped after a one yard gain. On the 3rd and the 9th, Bo Nix finds D.J. Williams for a 22-yard gain. Two plays later, Seth Williams collects a first down. After a brief completion in Schwartz and an incomplete pass, Nix collects the first down with his legs. In the next series, Bigsby collects first, Tigers up to SC20. Incomplete passage in the end zone, interrupted by Jaycee Horn. Nix is ​​fired by Keir Thomas in the second down. On the 3rd and 12th, the short pass to Schwartz is a gain of five. The field goal unit comes out. The 35-yard field goal is good. Auburn leads 3-0

– Gamecocks start again at the 25-yd line after the touchback. Harris carries the half goes for two yards. Collin Hill is fired on the second down. Gamecocks’ offensive line is beaten in the run and pass game. On 3 and 13, Kevin Harris breaks for a 78-yard touchdown, but a flag on the game will bring him back. Jovaughn Gwyn asked for the hold. Now, at 3rd and 23rd, Dakereon Joyner’s short pass has no advantage. Kroeger’s pounds were captured at Auburn’s 44-yard line.

– The tigers collect eight meters in the air during the first descent. They move the chains into the next game and are now in Carolina territory at the 37-yard line. After the inverse play earning 12 yards, Bigsby gains 14 yards after stopping more tackles. At 1 and 10 from the 11-yd-line, Horn interrupts what would have been a touchdown capture. Horn interrupts another alleged touchdown, dropped by Seth Williams. Eli Stove scores a touchdown, uncovered on the slant game. Two-point conversion is not good. Auburn leads 9-0

– Gamecocks are backed up to start the third drive. After Shi Smith returns to the 18-yd-line, a waiting penalty pushes him back to the 9-yd-line. Smith collects eight yards on the first down. Harris cannot take a meter on a second descent. On 3 and 2, Harris collects a first down with a trick. He takes him to the 29-yd line. Smith’s intended passage along Auburn’s sideline is incomplete. Smith takes a handoff from Hill and is faced for a four-yard loss. On the 3rd and 14th, Auburn’s defensive defense is called for interference on the pass that covers Smith along Gamecock’s sideline. Carolina to the 40-yard line after the penalty. The attempt to pass to Smith with Hill rolling to his right is canceled. Deshaun Fenwick’s first carry is a six-yard run. In 3rd and 4th from the 46-yd-line, Smith drops a pass. The Punt unit exits. Kroeger flips the field with a 51-yard punt that falls dead at the 3-yard line.

– Schwartz quickly reaches the 25-yd-line in the first play of possession. The first quarter ends with the Tigers facing a 3rd and a 6 at the 29-yd line. END Q1: Auburn 9 – Carolina 0


– The false start is 3rd and 11th. Horn catches in an interception as Nix scrambles up and off balance. It is the first interception of Horn’s career in South Carolina. The gamecocks take over at Tigers 29-yard line. After a 4-yard run from Harris, Smith takes the first down, down to a 16-yard line. Harris goes up the middle four meters. Harris resumed first with a hold from the backfield. It is the first and the goal at the 3-yd line. Harris punches him, but the game is under review. It is confirmed, touchdown for the second queue year. Auburn leads 9-7

– Touchback. After two short runs from Bigsby, Nix is ​​the first to resume the planned run play. Nix throws a 50-50 ball which is somehow caught by Seth Williams on Jaycee Horn at the 15-yd line. Bigsby takes him to the 2-yd line. There is a question for a fumble, but it looks like it was down. No game reviews. Will Muschamp calls timeout with Carolina’s defense backed up as much as possible. Bigsby is barely touched as he climbs to center for the touchdown. That was a 7-play, 75-yard drive, evidenced by a 44-yard catch by Williams on Horn. Auburn leads 16-7

– Touchback. The first game is 20 yards when Hill finds Nick Muse. After a hit pass at the scrimmage-line and Hill’s scramble with no gain, he is 3rd and 10 from the 45-yd-line. Hill is under pressure and passed out to Rico Powers comes out earlier than expected. It was double covered. Kroeger’s Punt is brought down at the 8-yd-line.

– Williams leads six yards on the first down. Two games later, on the third down, Nix takes another first with his legs. Williams is caught for no gain in the next game. Capperi releases a first pass downhill. The 3rd and 10th, with a flag in play, the Tigers do not take first. Kingsley Enagbare has called for offside, five-yard penalty and now 3rd and 5th from the 39-yard line. The breaking of the overturned pass by Horn and Jaylin Dickerson intercepts him. The gamecocks take over at Tigers’ 49-yard line.

– Two-yard back-to-back gains for Fenwick. Hill then finds Smith for the first down. In the next play, the same connection lasts six yards. Fenwick resumes first, all the way to the 23-yd line. Fenwick takes it back, collects another six yards. Fenwick collects another two meters. The gamecocks hurry up and Fenwick gets enough. Harris replaces him. Hill goes to Josh Vann and he collects the first down, stopped at the 2-yard line. Harris collects a yard. With: 42 left on the game clock, Muschamp takes a timeout. Auburn countered with a timeout after Gamecocks came out on goal with full-back Adam Prentice. Hill pushes the ball on himself for a touchdown. It will be reviewed. It is confirmed. Auburn leads 16-14, with 35 left in the first half

– Mitch Jeter kicks the ball out of bounds. The Tigers begin possession at the 35-yard line with two timeouts. The first down pass game is incomplete. The second is a five-yard pickup truck. The stove first takes down. Nix runs out of bounds, no gains. With the clock stopped and three seconds left to play at Auburn’s 49-yard line, Muschamp takes the final timeout of the half. Nix is ​​fired. HALFTIME: Auburn 16 – Carolina 14



– Touchback. Short gains on the first and second declines for the Tigers. On the 3rd and 10th, offside on Carolina. In the next game, Horn called for a defensive hold. The tigers then collect two more first downs, up to SC27. R.J. Roderick got injured in play. The tigers collect another six yards on possession and Carlson’s 38-yard field goal is good. Auburn leads 19-14

– Touchback. Harris earns eight yards on the first downhill transport. Half a meter is missing for the first down in the next game. He takes the first down and Auburn is called for the penalty on the face mask. Gamecocks have the ball at the 50-yd-line. Passing the screen to Smith collects five yards. Incomplete pass intended for Legette. Harris takes a lot more first. That’s a 19-yard gain to the 26-yard line. Fenwick then carries him to the 8-yd line. Hill climbs, two defeats on the game. Offside, free play, jump ball and Smith goes down with it. Now Gamecocks goes for two and fails. However, Gamecocks has its first advantage. That was a 9-play, 75 yards. South Carolina leads 20-19

– Auburn kicks off at the 31-yd line. Pass beaten on the first down. Nix takes one meter per second down. Incomplete passage. Punt is just caught by Jammie Robinson at the 28-yd line.

– Dakereon Joyner collects 14 yards in reverse play. Harris follows with a four-yard run, drops his shoulder. Harris collects another three meters. In 3rd and 3rd from the 50-yard line, the deep pass intended for Keveon Mullins is incomplete, but called defensive pass interference. Gamecocks now to Auburn’s 35-yard line. Harris collects four yards on the ground. After Adam Prentice takes the first one with a reception, Hill’s intended pass for Dakereon Joyner is left with a tip and withdrawn, no return.

– Auburn owns possession at the 18-yd-line. On the second down, Schwartz takes the first down. On the 3rd down and 7, the Nix pass destined for Williams is eliminated by Horn and returned to the 8-yd line.

– On the first game, Harris jog for the score, intact. South Carolina leads 27-19

– Touchback. Nix rushes for four yards. Incomplete for Schwartz. In 3rd and 6th from the 29-yard line with: 16 left in the fourth, Malzahn takes timeout. Nix rushes about three feet from the signal, but Auburn is called for a catch. Now 3rd and 16th from the 19-yard line, but the running time closes the fourth. END Q3: South Carolina 27 – Auburn 19


– Almost like Carolina’s huge touchdown that was canceled in the first quarter, a huge catch and run from Williams is called by due to a waiting call. Auburn collects a few yards in the next game, but is short on markers and has to put. Gamecocks will get it on their own 21-yd-line.

– The wrong snap on the first down forced Hill to fall over the ball, a five-yard loss. Fenwick collects those five yards and a few more to get 3rd and 7 from the 24-yard line. Smith with an acrobatic capture collects 32 yards at the 44-yard Auburn line. Hill to Muse for nine yards and then Fenwick moves the chains with an 8 yard run. Fenwick again, for four yards. Incomplete pass intended for Mullins. Fenwick collects another two meters, but fails to move the chains. Parker White’s 39-yard line gives the Gamecocks a two-point lead with 9:13 left to play. South Carolina leads 30-19

– Touchback. Auburn’s biggest show of the day broke out from Bigsby, a 30-yard run down his sideline. Then a 19-yard pickup to the 26-yard line. Then another big Bigsby run has it on the 7-yard line, first and goal. Bigsby is stopped for a gain of one. Williams is stopped after a gain of one. At the 3rd and goal from the 5-yard line, Nix’s passage in the end zone is incomplete. Tigers field goal unit comes out. Carlson’s 22-yard field goal is good. That was a 7-play, 70-yard drive for the Tigers. South Carolina leads 30-22, 6:36 left

– Touchback. The gamecocks go ashore with Harris three consecutive plays. He only takes the first down on the third down.

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