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SpaceX’s Starman-powered Tesla flies to Mars

The territory around Mars just got infinitely cooler when SpaceX’s “Starman”, Elon Musk’s space suit sports dummy behind the wheel of Elon Musk’s solar system traveling Tesla Roadster, just made its first intimate close-up flight of the Red Planet. this week, reaching 5 million miles of the ruby ​​surface.

Starman’s Tesla was set at the second stage of the Falcon Heavy Rocket when it first took off from Kennedy Space Center’s historic Pad 39A more than two years ago amid thunderous applause and applause. Now, the artificial motorist appears confidently in control as his four-wheeled spaceship swings around our neighboring planet, a major event in his strange odyssey.

SpaceX tweeted this memorable moment as the cherry red Tesla roadster approached closely to Mars while in an elliptical orbit around the Sun.

“It’s a long way,” Jonathan Dowell, an astronomer at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, told CNN. “Mars would appear at about 1/10 the diameter of the moon, so small but not a point. It will pass about 5 million km from Earth in the year 2047. Not close enough to see it as a resolved object.”

According to the official website whereisroadster.com, the interplanetary vehicle has completed 1,7507 orbits around the Sun since it was launched in February 2018 on the first flight of SpaceX’s thunderous Falcon Heavy rocket.

Musk’s intrepid $ 100,000 car is currently more than 37 million miles from Earth and has ventured nearly 1.3 billion miles since leaving our world. It will remain in a circular path around the Sun between Earth and Mars for the next hundreds of millions of years, with only a 6% chance of crashing into Earth. Really comforting calculations!

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