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Spoiler news about multiple stars changing brands in the WWE Draft

WWE Draft will resume tomorrow night on Monday Night Raw and two of their signature stars will move to Friday Night SmackDown.

Dave Meltzer talked about switching The New Day to Raw and said that now that the SmackDown Tag Team titles have been moved to the red mark, the Raw Tag Titles need to be moved.

Meltzer said, “They didn’t move The Street Profits, but by doing this, absolutely since this morning, The Street Profits was moving.”

During Saturday’s Talking Smack, Sami Zayn wondered how the title situation will be handled as the tag team belts are named after the brands. It is unclear whether WWE plans to rename the belts. If they keep things as they are, it would only create confusion. New Day still has one match left on SmackDown next week, but it̵

7;s a six-man tag, which means they’re unlikely to lose any headlines before their official move to Raw.

Meltzer also noted that Sami Zayn will likely stay on SmackDown as The Hurt Business will stay on Raw and they don’t want the Intercontinental and US title on the same brand.

Melzer also said, “Besides AJ, I think they’re going to send another guy from SmackDown [to feud with] So Drew will have some new opponents. “

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