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Star Wars: A New Hope Deleted scenes: Mark Hamill Reflects

Biggs tells Luke about his real plans outside Tosche station.

Biggs tells Luke about his real plans outside Tosche station.
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The Tosche station cleared the scene from Star Wars: a new hope paints a fascinating picture of the close – ups to enrich the galaxy far, far away, although, in hindsight, it probably was for the best who remained on the floor of the cutting room. But as Mark Hamill recently reflected, one sad reason why it remains mostly hidden is the insight it provides to Luke’s character.

Speaking recently as a guest of Russo Brothers’ Instagram Live series, the Pizza Film School Hamill reflected on one of the first scenes deleted in Star Wars history. it he would have seen Luke attend the Tantive IV is DevastatorThe brief battle over Tatooine before heading to Tosche to get those power converters loves to complain. There, Luke meets some friends: Camie and Fixer, but also a returned Biggs Darklighter, graduated from the Imperial Academy, that Luke desperately wants to escape alone … but as Biggs confides to Luke, it is I have no plans to be part of the Empire regime.

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Iit’s easy to see why this scene was cut from the final movie: slow down Luke by meeting Obi-Wan and get to the tragedy that pushes him to abandon any dream of joining the Empire and instead become a Jedi like his father before him. We do not need to find out that Luke is friends with Biggs here, because this information comes spontaneously when it is brought together like fellow rebel pilots on Yavin IV. But, as Hamill complained, what you are missing is actually seeing Luke’s political alliances right now – and those political ones are basically “anyone can get me out of this dustbin pretty quickly has my space vote.”

“There are a couple of things that are good for the character: number one is ridiculed in the round by his peers. So he’s not particularly nice or popular, “joked Hamill.” And then I run into Biggs Darklighter, played by Garrick Hagon, and I go “Wow!” You can see that we are good friends. He wears an imperial uniform and I say “Wow! It’s fantastic! I can’t wait to get off the landfill of a planet and join you.”

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“The only reason that is interesting to me is that Luke has no political persuasion,” Hamill continued. “Do you think it’s fantastic to be in the Empire! Luke wants to be in the Empire if he gets him out of the farm! So he’s completely pure in that he’s not politically motivated in any way, form, or form “.

It is fascinating to watch Luke throughout the scene as Biggs tells him that he has not returned home as a visit hero of the Imperial Navy but to say goodbye before deserting the part he really believes in. Luke is excited about Biggs’ success at the Academy because one day he is desperately eager to replicate that success himself– But he’s also just as excited when Biggs tells him about his plans to join the Alliance, kicking off “The Rebellion!?” strong enough to be heard by the Star Destroyer in orbit.

There is a naive to Luca here, and during these first moments of Star Wars“First act: do you think that the civil war between the Empire and the Alliance deals with worlds so far away from Tatooine that it cannot really reconcile because they are fighting as Biggs has already done. Anything that could bring him out of the world and to any kind of excitement – even signing for the Empire – is worth satiating Luke’s innocent desire to travel right now. That is, until he is directly confronted by the tyranny of the Empire when he returns to Lars’ farm to find the burning corpses of his aunt and uncle, which quickly shows him the cost of the alleged innocence!

It’s an interesting rhythm for Luke that we miss with this moment left on the floor of the cutting room, one that paints a slightly more complex morality for Star Wars“Universe, though just for one moment. You can watch everything on the Disney + version of A new hope if you want to revisit yourself, or watch the lyrical Hamill wax Star Wars and, more specifically, The empire strikes again, in the two-part episode of Russian Brothers Pizza Film School in the video above.

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