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Starbucks has officially ditched straws in favor of drip cup lids … well, mostly

After announcing in July 2018 that it would begin phasing out plastic straws from all of its stores by 2020, the modified plastic drinking spout lid is now making its official debut.

But the strawless version of the Starbucks cup won’t affect all drinks.

Mixed drinks, including Frappuccini and other drinks with whipped cream, will still come with a domed lid and straw included. Of course, except where plastic straws are prohibited by local law. And in those cases straws with alternative materials will be used.

Straw-free lids are expected to be fully adopted in company-operated and licensed Starbucks stores in the United States and Canada by the end of the month. The lids contain approximately 9% less plastic than Starbucks̵

7; previous flat lid and straw combination, and are made from polypropylene, a commonly accepted recyclable plastic.

Starbucks & # 39; new lids without straw

“Recyclable, straw-free lids for customers in the United States and Canada are another step on our journey to reduce our environmental footprint,” said Michael Kobori, head of sustainability at Starbucks. “As we approach our 2030 target of a 50% reduction in landfill waste, Starbucks’ long history of innovation, industry-wide partnership and changing consumer behavior remain critical to the our purpose and our prosperity as an organization. “

Plastic straws can increase ocean pollution and microplastics that can harm marine life. The coffee company says it hopes to eliminate more than 1 billion plastic straws a year. In 2018, a number of cities in the United States began banning plastic straws.

Starbucks’ plastic straws arrive as the coffee giant continues its sustainability efforts to eliminate “landfill packaging and plastic” in favor of more recyclable materials for their drinks.

This includes the Starbucks cup of coffee, which the company took efforts last year to “green”. In 2017, Starbucks distributed 3.85 billion paper cups, which were not recycled in most places.
Along with other food brands including McDonald’s (MCD), Yum! Marche (YUM), Coke (KO) is Wendy’s (WEN), Starbucks is committed to the NextGen Cup Challenge, assembled by Closed Loop Partners, an investment firm focused on sustainability.
The challenge recruited ideas from the public for a highly recyclable or compostable mug. Following the selection of 12 winners, Starbucks announced in March that it would begin testing some of the cup-winning ideas at various facilities in New York, San Francisco, Seattle and Vancouver. The company’s goal is to develop a 100% compostable and recyclable hot cup by 2022, according to its 2019 Sustainability Report.

As Starbucks continues to produce a greener, recyclable cup solution for its more than 29,800 stores, the company views its national launch of straw-free lids as a “significant milestone” in making Starbucks a “resource-positive company” .

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