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State of Arkansas stuns State of Kansas by gifting Sun Belt his second shocked win over the Big 12 in week 2


Just two weeks into the 2020 college football season, it would appear that the Sun Belt is making a push to be considered a Power Five conference. Just as Louisiana was pulling the tipping over on Iowa State̵

7;s number 23 34-14 on Saturday, Arkansas State stunned Kansas state 35-31 in a barn burner that featured loads of offenses and even a couple of surprises. . Meanwhile, Arkansas State was down by nine starters.

The main result of Arkansas State’s victory was the day of the Red Wolves wide receiver Jonathan Adams Jr.’s banner, who had eight catches for 97 yards and three touchdowns. The biggest was his last: a score of 17 yards on the second and 15 with less than a minute to go to give the green light to Arkansas State.

Adams had worked all day defending the state of Kansas. In fact, it could be argued that his best catch of the day didn’t even matter. By the time he captured the eventual winner of the match, it’s a little surprising that Kansas State didn’t cover him three times.

But beyond Adams’ time, Arkansas State played this game like they had nothing to lose, which is the right approach when you’re a double-digit underdog. A quiet storyline for this game was that the line jumped from -10.5 to -13 in the state of Kansas as kickoff approached. There could be a couple of reasons for this – from missing starters to late cash on the way – but Arkansas State clearly were able to go blow for blow before taking a late lead.

Part of the Red Wolves offense was that it unveiled crafty games that went for touchdowns. One was a 48-yard halfback pass that got Arkansas State inside a touchdown. The other was a Tim Tebow-style jump pass to tie the game at 21-21.

Arkansas State did a great job of being aggressive and keeping Kansas State on tiptoe. This is how you go down the street as an underdog and win against a Big 12 team with some question marks heading into its first game.

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