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Stephen A. Smith says the 49ers are champions right now if Aaron Rodgers, not Jimmy Garoppolo, was the QB

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sport

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sport

The talk between Aaron Rodgers and San Francisco 49ers is starting early. Maybe almost a year earlier.

First, Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio explored the idea that the future Hall of Famer would join his home team and the organization that left him in 2005 for Alex Smith. Now, ESPN First Take joins the discussion.

Rodgers’ days in Green Bay can be counted after the team selected Jordan Love in the first round of the April draft. After enduring more than a month of discussions previously about this offseason surrounding Tom Brady potentially replacing Jimmy Garoppolo in San Francisco, it seems that fans may have to bear to talk about Garoppolo̵

7;s next possible replacement.

This is what analyst Domonique Foxworth, along with ESPN personality Stephen A. Smith and Tim Hasselbeck, discussed during ESPN’s episode on Monday First Take. Molly Qerim asked where they would like to see quarterback Packers finish his career if not in Green Bay.

Smith is so fond of Rodgers that he said the quarterback could start anywhere except with the Chiefs of Kansas City, home of MVP Patrick Mahomes in charge in the Super Bowl or teams that will have their future quarterbacks, such as the Baltimore Ravens with Lamar Jackson.

This list apparently does not include the 49ers.

“I know San Francisco has Jimmy Garoppolo, but this is a situation where I think Aaron Rodgers, given his history in California and the Bay Area, San Francisco could have used Aaron Rodgers,” said Foxworth. “He doesn’t miss those points, those passages that Garoppolo missed. I think Aaron Rodgers in San Francisco is a match made in heaven.”

Smith clearly agreed.

“Let me go one step further,” began a passionate Smith. “If Aaron Rodgers was the quarterback in the Super Bowl instead of Jimmy Garoppolo, the San Francisco 49ers are the champions right now. They are the champions right now. With those weapons, with Aaron Rodgers? They are the champions.”

As the Faithful Niners know, Garoppolo and 49ers invested Rodgers and Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship Game for a total of 285 yards combined on the way to a lopsided 37-20 victory and a place in the Super Bowl. Garoppolo, however, was just 77 yards past eight attempts in the game while Shanahan relied on the race to hit the team’s ticket to Florida.

Several San Francisco 49ers players took part in this week’s State of the Franchise event. One of the topics of conversation concerned the possibility of a Super Bowl hangover. As difficult as it is for a Super Bowl champion to return to the top of the mountain, it is even more difficult for the runner-up. Too often, that team in second place will regress next season, but the 49ers players don’t see it happening with this team.

Because? What makes this 49ers team so different from previous Super Bowl runners? What makes your players think they can go back and win everything this time?

“I think it’s the guys in our building and the leadership we have,” Mike McGlinchey responded to the offensive attack during the conversation with Keiana Martin and Greg Papa. “His

San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan has only won 10 games during his first two seasons with the team. Despite the respect he gained as a call-call, there were still some who questioned the coach’s ability to take a team to the next level.

Shanahan dispelled that doubt last season, leading his team to a division title and a trip to the Super Bowl.

While the 49ers didn’t emerge as champions, team CEO Jed York was impressed enough to reward Shanahan with an extension of the contract, keeping him in the Bay Area until 2025.

Chris Simms of NBC Sports, while speaking with Mike Florio on Pro Football Talk Live, discussed the new contract earned by

The San Francisco 49ers have thrown the idea of ​​this off-season of a crime of Kyle Shanahan led by Tom Brady rather than Jimmy Garoppolo. Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio would like you to believe that the team took him seriously, despite Shanahan and general manager John Lynch saying otherwise.

Regardless, the 49ers decided to move on with Garoppolo and even kept their quarterback in the lap throughout the whole thought process.

“The only thing I can say about the whole situation was Kyle and John have been very honest with me all the time,” Garoppolo told The Athletic last week. “This is their job – to put it

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